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There are a number of reasons why you might be losing definition in the jawline, but the bottom line is this: you don’t have to suffer any longer. As many of my Amber Babies know, the magic of dermarolling never fails to amaze us and luckily, it’s just the right remedy for a firmer, sexier jawline. All it takes are a few (minorly painful) strokes per day and a little patience.   

Why Is It Happening? 

First, let’s look at the three main reasons for a sagging jawline. Number one: gravity. Although it affects everyone differently, it still affects, well, everyone. Over time, gravity drags both skin and fat down in the face, breasts, buttocks, you name it. Although the jawline is no exception to the rules of gravity, there are, however, ways to reverse its effects.

Number two: you’re losing volume in your cheeks. Fuller cheeks means a tighter, more youthful-looking appearance. As we age, we lose volume in the natural fat pads in our cheeks. With this loss of volume, our skin becomes looser, especially around our jaws and necks.

Number three: you’re losing bone density. Now this isn’t particularly something you can do anything about. As we get older, whether it’s due to a calcium or vitamin C or D deficiency (I don’t claim to know the exact cause), our bones lose density. In fact, the bones in our face also shift with age, which is another contributing factor.

So, Why Dermarolling?

By dermarolling, we are essentially creating tiny, microscopic puncture wounds in our skin, which then require tender love and care from our bodies in order to heal. Part of this love and care includes a nice boost in collagen and elastin production, two key ingredients in tightening skin and adding that extra plumpness. But you don’t have to just take my word for it. There are so many studies done on the benefits of dermarolling and its effectiveness as a proven method in treating not only loose, sagging skin, but other ailments like acne scarring, stretch marks, large pores, wrinkles, etc. Google some case studies and you’ll see what I mean.

Let’s Talk Technique

For the dermarolling pros such as myself (wink), I normally use a 0.75mm derma roller, but if you’re a novice to this technique, I’d recommend starting with a smaller needle size, like 0.5mm or even 0.25mm. 0.75mm is rather intense, and you might spot a small bit of blood and mild to moderate irritation as you derma roll, but keep in mind it’s entirely normal. 

We’ll start by disinfecting the skin with some rubbing alcohol because getting an infection really is the last thing on anyone’s to-do list. Pour a small amount of alcohol onto a soft cloth or tissue and apply it to your skin in a circular motion. Afterward, be sure to disinfect your derma roller (if you don’t know how to properly do this, check out my YouTube video where I show you the correct way to rid your roller of germs). Then, we’ll start at the top of the cheek. Press the derma roller to your skin and apply minimal pressure as you roll horizontally down, towards the jaw. We’re not going to roll back along the same path we’ve created. Instead, we’re going to lift the derma roller and begin a new path down towards the jawline. The reason we don’t want to roll back and forth is because we may be re-rolling over holes we’ve made in the face. This isn’t recommended. Try for straight, clean strokes and take your time. 

After vertical strokes, we’ll do horizontal and then diagonal strokes. Remember to roll in a single direction and lift and repeat. After completing one side of the face, let’s jump to the other. Then, if you like, you can try the chin (I suggest very short, singular strokes here). At this point our skin is red, swollen, and sensitive. Now let’s show it some love. 

Aftercare Applications

Finding non-toxic and non-irritating skin products to apply after dermarolling is a must. Again, your skin is extremely sensitive and susceptible to infection. I wouldn’t recommend putting any oils or creams on your face; they may clog your pores and cause acne or blemishes. And I’d advise against touching your face with unwashed hands. Always play it safe.

A must-have aftercare product I highly recommend is a plant-based, all-natural and organic soothing + smoothing skin superfood sheet mask (offered on my website). It’s non-toxic, gentle on the skin, and soothes the irritation and stinging you may experience after dermarolling.

Apply the mask immediately after and press (gently) until it’s firmly adhered to your skin. It’s also entirely safe to leave on overnight!

Choosing the Right Dermaroller

Remember to always always disinfect your derma roller before and after application. As far as choosing your derma roller, my signature product, with 192 real individual needles made from surgical stainless steel, is a wonderful option for those looking for a high-quality product. The market is flooded with plenty of falsely advertised derma rollers with fake needles. Don’t compromise your results by purchasing low-caliber products. Visit my website and you’ll be treated with the crème de la crème. That is, the best of the best. 

Again, thank you my Amber Babies for tuning into another blog post and thank you for all the additional subscribers and viewers, love and support! Be well and take this opportunity to treat and pamper your skin. Until next time!

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  • Valarina

    Sooo, I’ve been using a " different" roller for some time and finally decided to give yours a try…WOW my first treatment today and what a difference, I’m just sorry I didn’t make the switch sooner! Can’t wait to see my long term results!

  • Gin Amber

    @Chantal I love you too, thank you for your kind message! My Amber Babies only deserves the best ❤️

  • Gin Amber Beauty Team

    Dermarolling doesn’t do only plumping but also tightening.

  • Chantal

    I just Love all of your products even the ones I haven’t tried because I know they must be just as amazing as your serums , vitamine C and your brand is for me the best brand of Derma rollers out there , well for me personally ! I love your knowledge and I love the way you do your research in order to get the right informations and the right ingredients to make our skin better & glowing ! I will always purchase from you as I trust you & Your brand !you always do great Educational video’s , great information and techniques of how to use Derma rollers ! easy to understand & so easy to do with amazing result to the skin ! Amazing customer services, easy to communicate with ! Love you Gin from 💜

  • Kellyann Nelson

    Recently I heard that dermarolling is more for plumping and not tighting skin?

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