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Hello to all my Amber Babies, how is everyone holding up? We are all going through a period of adjustment, and for many of us, perhaps some hardships, too. BUT, please try to remember—this, too, shall pass! While I encourage everyone to be cautious and abide by the rules of your area, I also hope you take the time to identify the positives of social distancing, and to pamper yourself like you never have before, now that you have the time to do so. I’ve just posted a New Video on YouTube that outlines my nighttime skincare routine with a week’s...

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Have you seen an Insta-story or photo of Gin Amber's Chihuahua, Perla, yet? Perla is Gin's favorite side-kick, and a true Instagram "fan favorite!" She gets lots of love and DM inquiries about her. Perla came to the US with Gin Amber, so they are living their best American dream together! Perla is not from Gin's home country, Lithuania, but was born in Belgium. Gin has had her since she was a puppy, and while they most often communicate in Gin's native language of Lithuanian, Perla is a multi-lingual dog, understanding many commands or words in English, German, and Spanish! Perla...

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How does an aesthetician from Lithuania start a beauty company in Miami? Believe me, it was initially a scary idea--but I thrive on challenge. I have ALWAYS dreamed of coming to the US, and when I arrived here, I found all the opportunity and options I had envisioned. Because of my experience in the beauty industry I decided to focus on an area where my passions lie. I agree with all the motivators who suggest that one key to success is to DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE! And even if you are in a transitional or bridge situation, love what you are doing, it's leading...

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We want to enjoy the holidays, to savor all the joy, yet there are so many pressures: Pressure to live up to expectations, to please family, and to keep our skin and bodies healthy despite lack of sleep, traffic, and all the rich, delicious, sugary and processed foods we are faced with at holiday events, or in the office.


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