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Using .5mm Dermarollers For Best Results

Using .5mm Dermarollers For Best Results

Now that you've made the investment in a Gin Amber Beauty .5mm dermaroller, you might be wondering how to use it correctly in order to ensure you get the very best results.

Using your .5mm dermaroller correctly is just as important as making the decision to incorporate dermarolling into your skincare regiment. Conversely, using a dermaroller of any size incorrectly could yield negative results. We'd like to help you avoid a negative experience.

Read on for some pro tips to incorporate into your dermarolling, particularly if you're using the .5mm dermaroller.

The .5mm dermaroller is one of our favorite beauty tools we keep in our arsenal -- and it gets amazing results!

No matter what your healing journey entails, read on for more information about optimizing your beauty regiment and skin health.

Dermaroller Benefits

First, you probably want to know what benefits you stand to gain by incorporating the .5mm dermaroller into your skincare routine.

Dermaroller benefits include:

  • Improve Skin Health
  • Reduce Fine Lines/Wrinkles
  • Reduce Acne Scars
  • And More!

Disclaimer: Please do not use the dermaroller when you have an active breakout.

Prepping Your Dermaroller

You will want to keep your dermaroller clean at all times, and you can do so by rinsing with isopropyl alcohol. Store in a case when not in use.

Clean your skin with a product that your skin responds well to. Gin Amber Beauty products are always recommended when using our dermarollers. 

Use alcohol disinfecting wipes before you use your .5mm dermaroller. You can also use a numbing cream if it suits you.

The Hardware

Our dermaroller utilizes actual microneedle dermarollers in a streamlined apparatus that gets the best results for your complexion. Other dermarollers on the market are often made with cheap components, but Gin Amber Beauty products are the real deal!

Dermarolling Technique

Use horizontal strokes and vertical strokes and make sure to be thorough in your efforts. For instance, when starting on your forehead, use 5-6 strokes in each section. You will feel a pinching sensation at this stage of the process. Use vertical and horizontal lines on the forehead and diagonal lines on areas like the cheeks. When you reach your chin, use strokes that make a V-shape that meets at the bottom central point of your chin.

Pay attention to how it feels. If you're not feeling any sort of sensation, it's safe to say that you can use a little more pressure.

You don't have to press hard when you use your .5mm dermaroller. Mild pressure is okay, but make sure that you don't overdo it. 

When finished, disinfect your .5mm dermaroller and store in its case.

Dermarolling Aftercare

Apply aloe vera on the skin, sheet masks, red light therapy, or utilize other effective products and treatment that help your skin recover correctly and efficiently.

Avoid sun at all cost. You will want to avoid harmful UV rays by staying indoors and/or wearing wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses.

Do not exercise or use the sauna for 24 hours after you use your dermaroller. Your skin might dry and peel, but this is totally normal as your skin regenerates -- this is how you know it's working.

Wait to use harsher exfoliants for 3 days. Drink a lot of water to hydrate the skin and use eat water-heavy fruits and veggies -- like cucumber and watermelon.

Check out our YouTube video for a more in-depth look at utilizing your .5mm dermaroller in a way that brings out the most beautiful version of you.

If you have any questions, please let us know. If you'd like to learn more about Gin Amber Beauty products and join our journey, contact us today!


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