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Best selling ANTI-AGING kit

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Anti-Aging Duo Kit

A real shortcut for clear and healthy skin!

Featuring our Vitamin C + Squalane Repair Cream and 0.5mm Dermaroller, this truly is the duo of your dreams! Uneven skin texture, wrinkles, unwanted blemishes, and seemingly uncontrollable skin conditions can certainly lower our self-esteem and make us think less of ourselves than we truly would wish or deserve.

This anti-aging kit will give your skin an exceptional transformation and notably remedy its current condition in just two easy steps. The Gin Amber Beauty 0.5mm Dermaroller allows your skin to absorb up to 80% more product applied post-microneedling. So after you have rolled your way into deeper level cellular turnover, it's time to let the cream do its magic. Its weightless non-comedogenic formula will not only quench your skin's thirst for its essential moisture but will also accelerate the production of both collagen and elastin, which help keep the skin plump and firm.

Results? Visibly reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, any redness, or hyperpigmentation. Using this kit consistently will ensure notably brighter, more firm, and hydrated skin without blemishes, under-eye circles, uneven texture, or other stubborn skin issues.

In order to thrive - your skin requires your attention. Treat it with "Anti-aging Duo Kit" and watch it transform in front of your eyes, little by little, and then all at once.