Gin Amber Beauty

Microneedle Eye Mask


All Gin Amber Beauty topical products are fragrance-free, paraben free, cruelty-free, vegan, plant-based, and natural. We strive to include as high a concentration of natural and/or organic products as possible, while still ensuring a healthy shelf-life and freedom from contamination for our products. We are committed to sustainability and doing our best to be environmentally sensitive, and our containers and packaging are recyclable or contain recycled materials. 


Sometimes we have problem areas on our skin that beg for extra help! Combining microneedling-like channels for deep product penetration with the concentrated spot treatment of adhesive spot treatment masks, Gin Amber Beauty’s microneedle eye masks deliver high-performance active ingredients through tiny solidified tips that begin to melt upon contact with skin. Because your skin has a protective layer of serum, and because some of the most helpful skincare ingredients have a molecular structure that cannot penetrate this barrier, many end up unable to deliver their benefits. But when you press and apply Gin Amber Beauty’s “microneedle” eye mask (made with solidified biodegradable hyaluronic acid and six special peptides solidified and shaped like tiny needles), it pierces the skin creating microchannels that allow product to penetrate and concentrate on problem areas as it melts. Each little powerhouse patch contains 500 tiny points of solidified hyaluronic acid and peptides (one pair = 1000 needlepoints). 

The needles should be completely dissolved within 1-2 hours—these are SINGLE USE eye patches. The adhesive nature of the patch concentrates and stabilizes precious active ingredients in the target area for maximum results. Not just for eyes, though—when applied to trouble spots such as dark undereye circles, crow’s feet, vertical lip lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and dry patches or hyperpigmented spots, these “needles” will painlessly pierce the top layer of skin, and slowly “melt” concentrated product deep into your skin. The result is decreased lines and discoloration, visibly reduced puffiness and improved texture, tightened sagging in the areas applied. Great to use for a few days before a big event! 

  • Clean face and apply toner or neutralizing agent.
  • Open the pouch and carefully remove patches.
  • Remove the white edge and transparent film from patches, being careful not to touch the center “needled area.”
  • Place patches lightly on the area to be treated, and press down firmly to adhere.
  • Remove the patches after 2 hours (or wear overnight) and, discard used patches if needed, rinse to remove residue. 

Use at 2 or 3-day intervals or twice-weekly for optimum results. 

    • Discontinue use or consult dermatologist if irritation, itching or swelling appears after applying the product.
    • Avoid applying patches to wounded, inflamed, irritated or sensitized skin.
    • Keep out reach of children. Avoid hot or cold storage areas, and direct sunlight. Use patches immediately after opening to prevent deterioration.
    • Discard patches after single use. 

      Hyaluronic Acid, six peptides.