Gin Amber Beauty

Aqua Stamp 0.25mm Replacement Tip


The Gin Amber Beauty Aqua Stamp (Discontinued) is a high-tech microneedling tool that combines needle penetration and automatic serum import into one action. Each time you press the stamp it triggers a small hydraulic unit that automatically dispenses serum in the area stamped. The serum will quickly and evenly penetrate and absorb via the punctures made by the Aqua Stamp’s surgical-grade, stainless steel needles. Just like with a dermaroller or pen, microneedling with your aqua stamp will improve skin texture and tone by stimulating cellular action, replenish collagen, rejuvenate, soften or remove wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and boost the overall fresh, youthful, healthy appearance of your skin.


This is our Aqua Stamp's Replacement Tip of size 0.25mm featuring very sharp surgical-grade, stainless steel needles.

  • Sterilize the Aqua Stamp with isopropyl alcohol before and after use.
  • Store the Aqua Stamp carefully and keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Store your Aqua Stamp between approximately 32-78F°.
  • Handle with care, always replace protective covering over needle head, take care not to drop or stamp needle tips to hard surface.
  • Never stamp or penetrate skin if you have active acne, cold sores or any raised or patchy skin abnormalities. To do so creates the risk of infection.
  • Do not use if you are experiencing any form of dermatitis.
  • If you find that there is debris accumulating anywhere in your Aqua Stamp, do not continue to use.
  • Never share your Aqua Stamp with others. Aqua Stamps and dermarollers are for individual, personal use only.
  • The Aqua Stamp is to be re-used, DO NOT dispose after a single use.
  • Please protect the environment and others, discard your aqua stamp directly into your trash receptacle with pointed end protected.
How it works 

Gin Amber Beauty’s Aqua Stamp is an excellent alternative or accessory tool to use in your microneedling practice. Microneedling is a low-risk, effective method of rejuvenating skin through stimulating new cell growth, leaving the surface of your skin plump and more even in tone and texture. The Aqua Stamp’s more compact head, allows you to concentrate on problem areas, or treat areas that are difficult to reach with a dermaroller. And the Aqua Stamp features a hydraulic serum dispensing system that automatically releases product onto treated areas as you stamp the tool over your face or neck. 


1. The faster you stamp the Aqua Stamp, the more serum is dispensed. When you slow stamping, serum dispensing is also slowed.
2. If you find serum is not dispensing, lightly shake the Aqua Stamp, or angle slightly.