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You asked for it, we did it! We’ve gathered together for you the perfect collection of tools, serums and our signature skin cream to get your microneedling practice started at a substantially discounted price! This kit contains a 0.25mm Dermaroller and Aquastamp, Gin Amber Beauty’s natural and organically formulated Hyaluronic Acid and Peptide serum, and—to finish off your microneedling process—our coveted 10% Vitamin C+Squalane Cream. All of our best-selling components for beginning microneedling customers.

Our 0.25mm Dermaroller and Aquastamp are the perfect way to ease into your microneedling practice. No matter how far you might advance your microneedling, 0.25mm tools should always be in your at-home kit. Designed as your go-tos for gentle micro-needling, they each improve serum penetration, beginning scar diminishing, cell turnover stimulation, lip plumping and skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. The dual-action Aquastamp is easy to use as it instantly dispenses serum into hard to reach places, while the 0.25mm dermaroller rolls across the planes of your face to quickly create the correct, safe punctures that result in the visible rejuvenation and improved skin texture and tone that microneedling is known for.

We are also including our two gentlest and best layering serums. Hyaluronic Acid is known for its restorative benefits for aging skin. It increases hydration, improves elasticity and also helps reverse free radical damage. As we age we lose peptides which are amino acids, important building blocks to healthy, elastic skin. They help form collagen and elastin, and smooth and plump your skin. When layered together these two serums work together and enhance each other’s benefits.

Our 10% Vitamin C+Squalane Cream is one of our most popular and effective all-around products. It contains a high percentage of Vitamin C, an anti-oxidant, free-radical-attacking, anti-inflammatory superstar—but delivers it extremely gently. Our olive-derived, hydrogenated Squalane is an anti-aging, hydrating, non-comedogenic ingredient that is naturally found in skin, and provides lubrication and protection in a bio-available form.

These products, used together or separately, will help beginners bring forth their best microneedled skin.

(Oh, and it will also save you more than enough money to buy a stronger Dermaroller, or our gommage mask next time you shop!)


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* Due to the extremely discounted nature of this kit, returns not allowed except in case of product defect. Promo codes DO NOT APPLY to Beginner - All You Need Dermaroller Kit 



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