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Gin Amber’s philosophy of skin care tools is simple: I will only sell what I can promote with confidence knowing that I have meticulously researched, tested and used it, have experienced excellent results, can trust the quality and manufacturer, and can offer it at an affordable price! I work closely with my manufacturers to develop quality tools that enhance skin care routines and youth-promoting results.



Combining the massage concepts of gua sha with the cleansing and detoxifying benefits of high-frequency vibration, Gin Amber Beauty’s Face Lifting Dolphin helps to relieve facial muscle tension, soothe acupressure points to relieve tension, lift and firm the skin by encouraging circulation, alleviate puffiness by detoxifying, and massages areas of facial muscle bands to smooth your natural facial shape. The vibration and heat encourage detoxification in areas where blood or toxins have pooled (under eyes), and can even relieve headaches by relaxing facial muscles. The Dolphin’s high-frequency vibration alleviates fine lines and wrinkles, crow's feet and lip lines. It also encourages deeper penetration of topical products ingredients and can be used while or after applying a facial mask. The Dolphin’s unique shape seamlessly hugs facial curves and shapes so that the benefits of warm or cool vibration can be used in hard to reach, sensitive, or heavily curved areas of the face.

The Face Lifting Dolphin features a cool mode and a warm/hot mode--which reaches up to 45°C or 113°F. The dolphin’s intelligent sensor design defaults to the setting you last used (warm or cool), and will work as long as you hold your finger over the teardrop indicator on the back of the tool. Vibration will stop if you remove your finger.


    • Wipe your Dolphin of all residue before and after using. Be sure the unit is clean, both for sanitary purposes and to preserve the life of your Dolphin.
    • Apply serum, lotion or mask to face. In order for the Dolphin to properly glide across the face, it is necessary to have enough slip for the tool not to “stick” to product or skin. You may have to test some options to see what works best on your skin. Oil-based products work well, but TAKE CARE with the amount you use. The Dolphin is not water-tight or water-proof, product can permeate and harm the tool.
    • Select the suitable mode according to your preference.
    • Glide the Dolphin across areas of concern, like beneath the eyes to alleviate puffiness and encourage detoxification, press tips to activate acupressure points, or use larger rounded end to apply vibration to any areas where muscles are clenched to encourage relief of muscle tension. You can also glide the Dolphin tool along jawline and neck to encourage tone and uplift.
    • The unit will stop working if your finger leaves the teardrop sensor.
    • Remember to turn the unit off with the main on/off button when finished to preserve the charge.
    • Wipe your Dolphin clean after use. Examine the seams of the tool to ensure that product is not seeping into unit.

      Use at 2 or 3-day intervals or twice weekly for optimum results.


      To maximize the life of your Dolphin skin care tool, please note the following:

      • Be sure to secure the rubber closure around the charging port before use.
      • Be sure to wipe the dolphin clean before and after use with the soft cloth provided.
      • Only apply enough product to allow the dolphin to smoothly pass over an area a few times. Use dolphin until product has absorbed. Do not overuse oils or creams to the degree that they will enter the mechanism of the tool.
      • If you notice that your dolphin is accumulating product (especially at seams), wipe with soft cloth to remove obvious debris, and then carefully wipe with rubbing alcohol applied to a soft cloth before proceeding.
      • The dolphin is a sensitive, electronic device. Be careful about the amount of oil and product you use prior to using the dolphin. If product enters the unit (usually through the charging port), it can cause the dolphin to malfunction.