Aqua Stamp Replacement Tips - Customizable 3-Pack

This is our three-pack of customizable sizes of Aqua Stamp tips. Responding to our philosophy of being as natural and sustainable as possible, I searched high and low for a manufacturer who would provide replacement tips for your glass cartridge, twist-top Aqua Stamps. I finally found one and now you can replace the tips on your existing Gin Amber Beauty Aqua Stamp at both a cost savings to you, and a gentle impact to the environment.

* If you have an older Gin Amber Beauty Aqua Stamp, or one from another manufacturer, these will not fit.

These tips are replacements for your tips that have been used 10 or more times. They come in individually wrapped, hermetically-sealed packs, like an individual dermaroller, but they do not come in the hard box (to avoid unnecessary waste). Remember:

·       Although you could use the tips “dry” on your face, if you want the signature Aqua Stamp action of dispensing serum while stamping, you need an existing Gin Amber Beauty glass cartridge.

·       These tips twist on and off your existing glass chamber. When you have used your existing tip 10 times, simply twist off the tip, and replace by twisting back on your replacement tips.

You can choose three tips in your favorite size, or customize: i.e. two - 0.25mm, one 0.6mm, etc. Please select your tip sizes below.

Serums have different viscosity, and you may experience some difficulty in dispensing. For that reason we recommend either using just our Natural 20% Vitamin C Booster, or using a 50/50 blend of this Booster with our Natural Peptide or Advanced Hyaluronic Serum.