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The Face Lifting Dolphin helps to relieve facial muscle tension, access the smallest acupuncture points, lifts and firms the skin and the body skin, helps with puffiness, and seamlessly fits face for scrubbing, lifting and firming the skin to make the perfect V-shaped face. It comes with two modes: hot and cold. The hot is able to get up to 45 C. The high frequency vibration can effectively promote the absorption of skin care ingredients and can be used while or after applying a facial mask. 

With the new bionics design concept, this dolphin shaped tool looks smooth and classic and comes with a USB cable charger making it very convenient. The dolphin has intelligent sensor design. You have to hold your finger on the spot in the back or the vibration stops. 


  1. Apply skin care products to face.
  2. Select the suitable mode according to your personal need.
  3. Press the acupuncture points to relieve muscle tension.
  4. Seamlessly fit facial skin, scrub and lift face from the bottom to up, shape your face solidly. 

Ideal for those concerns: Aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, crow's feet, loss of firmness, and lip lines.