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0.20mm Dermaroller - Sensitive Skin

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Gin Amber Beauty dermaroller are professional-quality, CE-medical certified, surgical stainless steel dermarollers containing 192 real individual needles™ set at the proper angle for optimum results. They come in a hygienically sealed package for immediate use, with ergonomically designed and slip-proof handles for your safety. After microneedling, your skin can absorb up to 80% more product applied to the skin!



The 0.20mm dermaroller is our smallest size, causing only micro-punctures to the epidermis (granular layer), but still creating enough penetration to stimulate keratinocytes to release growth factors that promote upregulation of epidermal growth factors and cytokines. In less scientific terms, even with our shorter, gentler needles, you will still get plump, glowing skin with diminished visible lines and discoloration.



If you are a beginner, have sensitive or sensitized skin, rosacea or melasma, you must exercise extra caution to avoid any adverse reactions from dermarolling. For this reason Gin Amber Beauty’s newest gentle dermaroller in size 0.20mm was developed especially for you!

Sensitive skin may take longer than normal skin to recover after a dermarolling treatment. You should begin by using your 0.20mm roller just once for 2-3 minutes the first week, increasing the time to 5 min the second week, and if you have no adverse reaction, up use to a complete regimen twice a week by the 3rd week


  • For sensitive skin or beginning practice
  • Plumps and stimulates skin
  • Gently begins diminishing discoloration and fine lines

Use up to twice a week*

For more usage information click here


A Fungal skin infection
Skin cancer
Raised or suspicious moles/warts
Open wounds
Cystic acne


    * Everyone’s skin is unique. Please use caution with your dermaroller, gauge skin reaction and alter usage per your results. Do not exceed recommended usage.