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3 Skincare New Years Resolutions We Just Can't Ignore

3 Skincare New Years Resolutions We Just Can't Ignore

As the new year approaches and 2022 looms ever closer, we get this sense of responsibility. The responsibility to be better than we were the year before, to take care of ourselves, our health, our mindset, and for some of us, our skin.

What exactly did we do in the year 2021 that we didn't like? Why are we still so unhappy with our complexion, do we really want to go into the new year with this huge zit on my cheek. And why, just why am I still getting cracked, dry skin in the places I don't want them?

New Years Resolutions shouldn't just extend to the gym and diet. Let's normalize glowing our skin up for the new year and bringing change to our skincare. Here are 3 New Years Skincare Resolutions we just can't ignore.

New Years Resolution 1: We're Ditching the Harsh Chemicals

Putting on creams with fragrance and applying serums that test on animals is sooooo 2019. It's going to be 2022 and it's time to embrace a culture of empathy and organic living. 

Products flood the market and it's hardly an overstatement to say that we just don't care enough about the origin of the product or how it was made. In the marketing world, we're so absorbed with results and instant gratification. Oh, look, a serum that erases fine lines and wrinkles in less than 24 hours? I can't bust my credit card out fast enough.

But what if said serum was full of fragrance, harsh chemicals, and irritants? Being skin-conscious is such a powerful stance to take and knowing what's in your products is asserting your dominance in an overly saturated skincare market. Not all skin is created equal, which means not all skincare products fit all. It's not a glove, it's a tailored skincare regimen that we alone develop, and as we choose how to take care of our skin, we have a choice (and perhaps a responsibility) to select our products carefully, love ourselves enough to choose organic, and seek out products that are cruelty-free. We share this planet, we share similar goals and issues, and expressing empathy can mean the difference between supporting a good cause and only supporting yourself and your own personal needs. 

New Years Resolution 2: Let's Stop Comparing Ourselves

This is such an ingrained way of society now. With the inventions of TikTok, Instagram, and other popular social media sites, it's nearly impossible to not compare ourselves to others.

But with the flood of filters, PhotoShop, Lightroom, and other image editing apps, it's difficult to say what's truly real. Are we comparing ourselves with a fantasy, an illusion, a non-attainable skin that just seems to be as elusive as it is illusive?

Skincare is a mindset. We choose our products, we follow tips from those we look up to, we apply the knowledge we've gained, and we essentially hope for the best. We stick with what works and we ditch what doesn't. It's really that simple.

But for your sanity's sake, I say for the new year, we stop comparing ourselves to illusory social media standards. This only leads to high expectations, increased disappointment, and warped perceptions of what skin should look like. It clouds our skincare progress because it essentially teaches us that we aren't really there until we look like that. This is such an unhealthy practice to indulge in. And just in case my words aren't enough, let's try a few picture comparisons, why don't we?

Instagram Versus Reality' Photos Show That Pictures Can Misleading

Instagram vs. Reality' Exposes The Truth About 'Perfect' Pics | Instagram  vs real life, Flawless beauty, Beauty standards

40 Times People Noticed Instagrammers Who Edited Their Pictures So Much,  They Exposed Them Online (New Pics) | Bored Panda

Surprising? It shouldn't be. With so many editing tools out now, it's never been easier to generate an image of your perfect self. And it's on us to remember that and change our perceptions of ourselves accordingly.

So try this. Look in the mirror, pay attention to your complexion, your skin, your flaws, your beauty, your unique features. Pay attention to what you'd like to change for you. Think about how you'd feel if you could attain that. Ignore the standards that are set out there from "the cloud". Root yourself in the present moment. Take things day by day. And if you do find yourself coming across a gorgeous Instagram post claiming what skin should look like, simply chuckle, close out of the app, and move on. It's that simple. 

New Years Resolution 3: Less Is More

We're shifting into a more minimalistic society. From technology to investing, skincare to healthcare, inventions are becoming more efficient, time is being saved, and the market is understanding that consumers want what they want when they want it. And companies and skincare brands are quickly catching on.

Reconsider how you go about your skincare. How much time do you spend in a day? Are you seeing results fast enough? Are your cabinets ready to burst from the surplus of skincare products that aren't being used but "someday might be needed"? 

Let's normalize clearing our skincare arsenal of lingering serums, masks, and creams and greeting the new year with a little more scrutiny. After all, you're here to get results, get confident, and get disciplined. 

So when we sit or stand in front of the mirror, we mean business. And business doesn't mean juggling 42 bottles of serum or blasting our face with a firehose post-wash because we think that's what we should be doing.

Sometimes, less is more. Taking a more minimalistic stance on skincare regimens might just mean a refreshing (and perhaps relieving) new approach to how you take care of your skin. Old habits die hard, and we're so accustomed to routine. We're, after all, creatures of habit. But it's time to shake things up.

Try new products, ditch old ones. Take a stab at a new skincare remedy, and develop an evolved skincare routine that makes you feel like you. Skincare doesn't need to be boring. It should be rejuvenating, fun, and simple. 

The Takeaway

New Years Resolutions are a hit or miss. The only thing standing between you and successful resolutions are your own care to attention and discipline. Do you want these things bad enough? Or are you just making resolutions to trick your disappointed soul into a soothing bath of procrastination?

Whatever the reason for your resolutions, ignoring how we approach our skin, our complexion, and our appearance is something we just can't allow ourselves to do. Our appearance is everything, it's what people see every day, and our confidence doesn't deserve to be compromised or neglected. Make 2022 the year for organic living, evolved self-perceptions, and improved health and mindsets. You only have one skin, so take care of it! 


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  • Gin Amber

    @Vanessa That’s beautiful Vanessa, keep going! ❤️

  • vanessa seales

    I thought this was a great blog and I agree with everything. I am adding it along with my own resolutions to work on my mental and physical health. I want to work on my spiritual growth and faith being more thankful and grateful for what I have. Finally, being more mindful that I am enough and no one is perfect and accept myself flaws and all.

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