Hello and welcome to Gin Amber beauty! Maybe you arrived here through my Youtube channel, or you heard or read about dermarolling and wanted to purchase a professional-grade product; however you landed on my site, I want to introduce you to me and my company. We aren’t just a store that sells skincare tools and products, we embody a philosophy of effective, natural (as organic as possible) products that cultivate the healthiest, most luminous and youthful skin you can possibly have.

I want to tell you a little bit about myself, why my dermaroller is the best on the market in its category, and the philosophy of Gin Amber Beauty products.

Me: I was born in Lithuania, and have been interested in health and beauty for as long as I can remember. Growing up I nurtured my interest in skincare by testing my mother’s products and creating mixtures of my own. Continuing my education, I enrolled and graduated from the Femina Bona Wellness Institute in Lithuania, and became a licensed aesthetician in 2010. I am proud of the standards of science and techniques that I learned, and my base of knowledge continued to grow as I practiced aesthetics and skin care in Lithuania, Germany, and eventually the United States.

Dermaroller: After learning about dermarolling from a friend who worked at a high-end spa in Europe, I purchased several options myself, but wasn’t getting the results I’d hoped for. I decided to take these various wheel dermarollers apart, and saw that they were of substandard quality. I tried to find a high-quality, properly designed dermaroller, but could not find one for home use that met my high standards*. So, I decided to develop and manufacture my own dermaroller and that’s how Gin Amber Beauty was born in 2017. My dermaroller is a professional-quality, medical-grade, stainless steel dermaroller that contains 192 real individual needles™ set at the proper angle for optimum results. There are dozens of inexpensive options on the market, but these are not true needle dermarollers. The triangular (or knife-shape) of the “teeth,” and cheap wheel construction actually make gashes on your skin, rather than the uniform pinholes that my dermaroller makes. These uniform punctures are vital to stimulating collagen production. I am extremely proud of my dermaroller, which is the flagship product of my skincare line.

As the face of Gin Amber Beauty, my own results have been remarkable. And every month hundreds of people worldwide are purchasing my dermarollers, serums, masks and tools, and posting their own fantastic results on their YouTube channels, Facebook and Instagram. I happily receive positive feedback from hundreds of people a week!

Philosophy: My serums, lotions, and enhancing tools--such as the face massaging dolphin--grew out of my wish to enhance the outcome of dermarolling, and my vision for developing skin care that is visibly effective, fragrance-free and as organic as possible. It is my belief that using products with preservatives, or harmful parabens and sulfates on a permeable organ like the skin, is unnecessary and could have potentially harmful outcomes when used continually. I develop products that I want to use, with my particular standards—products that I can’t find currently on the market—and I pass the fruits of that passion onto you, my valued customers!

If you want to get to know some fun personal facts about me, click this link. I hope you can feel in my videos that I am committed to, and care about my customers. I understand how putting our best face forward can help counteract appearance-related insecurities or depression—and I want that confidence for my customers. Every product I sell is subject to my rigorous standards and testing. As a woman with a lifelong passion for wellness, skincare and beauty, I hope you can feel all the love I put into each and every Gin Amber Beauty product.

* Please see Why My Dermaroller for a detailed account of why I believe my roller is the best on the market.