serum absorption

If dermaroller is used right before applying serum, absorption will be increased by 100x. When serum is applied within the first few minutes after using dermaroller, the active ingredients are locked into the skin and you can treat the skin from inside out. Also a great lip plumping tool.


After the age of 20, we start to lose 1% of collagen with each passing year. With time your skin starts to lose it’s collagen and elastin. Dermaroller stimulates skin exfoliation to improve visible signs of aging. It can be used on all skin types (except active acne). Can be used to help even skin’s pigmentation, restore volume and plump the skin.

acne scars

Acne can cause scarring to the skin. Dermaroller will prick the lower layer of the skin, by delivering a tiny trauma deep into the skin. The micro trauma from dermarolling erases the skin’s memory of the scar, and as the skin replaces it’s self over a period of months, textured scars begin to fill in and resemble normal skin.



Before I decided to purchase the aqua stamp I did my research and watched numerous of YouTube videos about it. Aqua stamp is amazing tool to make your skin look flawless. I used it only twice with Hyaluronic acid and my skin looks so much younger. It shrinks pores and makes my skin tight. I had under eye hollows and it seems like it getting better. My forehead fine line are slowly disappearing as well! Worth to try:) Thank you Gin

Lesya Y.


Saw the email about this and pounced on it! I love it! I’ve used it twice. It feels so refreshing and my skin is so smooth and bright afterwards. At first I was confused by the smell - it’s a unique dessert-y scent - and now I crave this mask and the way it smells. Rock on, Gin! I love what you do.

Jill G.


Love this roller. High quality with an affordable price. I love that it’s the real thing. I can feel the difference between Gin Amber Beauty roller and a very popular brand that’s very high priced but doesn’t get the job done. I highly recommend and will be purchasing more.

Joyce C.

DERMAROLLER 0.5mm -WRINKLES, 192 REAL™ needles

This is the best thing I have done for my skin in a long time! Dermarolling and micro needling are a game changer. I also love every product that I have gotten from Gin Amber! You will not be disappointed. Real results at a great price. I also love that I can trust that her products are free of nasty chemicals. I have extremely sensitive skin and have suffered from perioral dermatitis and eczema in the past. Her products don't aggravate my skin at all. I am excited to try more!

Rachelle S.


I am seeing amazing results on my face. The part I love the improvement on most are the seeing the dark circles under my eyes become lighter and lighter. I’m 35 and had some fairly deep acne scares on the left side of my face and I’ve used my dermaroller approx 10 times and I can barely see them anymore! Thank you Gin Amber for all you do for people that want better looking, healthy skin. Stay strong! Love you!

Megan F.

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