1. Are your needles made out of stainless steel? 

Gin Amber Beauty dermaroller needles are made of surgical stainless steel (which is why they are so sharp). 

2. How long will my dermaroller last? 

We strongly recommend using each roller (any size) no more than 10 times. With each use the dermaroller needles will dull and degenerate, you want the sharpest needles possible for the correct action to stimulate new growth. For that reason, we have included a grid on our dermaroller boxes where you can mark off and keep track after each use. 

3. Does the roller come with a protective case? 

Yes, it comes in a plastic protective case. When you initially open the roller, it will be in a hygienically sealed wrapping.

4. Can you tell me which roller is best for what kind of treatment? 

Please see the table and descriptions included above. 

5. Can I apply Retinol products after I dermaroll?

We do not recommend using most retinol products after dermarolling. You CAN use Gin Amber Beauty’s specially formulated Retinol serum if you wait to apply for at least 1 hour after dermarolling. 

6. Can I use a dermaroller if I have active acne?

You should never dermaroll if you have active acne, cold sores or any raised or patchy skin abnormalities.

7. How long will it take me to see results?

Microneedle therapy is a long-term, cumulative process. Permanent reduction in wrinkles and scars occurs when new collagen and elastin are stimulated, and new skin is generated. You will usually see results within 4 to 8 treatments. 

8. Can I dermaroll if I have botox or Juvederm?

Yes, but it is advisable to wait 2 weeks after injection.

9. After dermarolling, how long should I wait before washing my face, or applying skin care products or makeup?

This depends on the size of the roller that you used: With a 0.25 and 0.5 mm dermaroller you can do it the next morning, or after about 12 hours. With a 1.0 mm, it is recommended to wait a full day, 24 hours.

10. Can I use a dermaroller after waxing?

Do not use a dermaroller of any size on recently tweezed, waxed or threaded areas. These areas are usually tender, and dermarolling on sensitized skin can increase the chance of an unwanted reaction.

11. I am an international customer and purchased enough product to qualify for free shipping, why am I still being charged for shipping?

Gin Amber Beauty currently does not block any country from shipments. If you are still charged for shipping internationally even though you purchased $99 worth of product, it is because you live in a country where we must use DHL to deliver packages (we have had past issues in certain country with repeated lost mail, to ensure you receive your product we use DHL in those countries). DHL costs vary, but can reach $50, making the free shipping at $99 unfeasible. In countries where we must use DHL to ship, you must purchase $250 worth of product to qualify for free shipping.

12. How long should your dermarolling session last?

Your dermarolling session should last no longer than 10 minutes, including your neck area. If you do not dermaroll on your neck, 7 minutes is enough for the face.

13. Will dermarolling cause any bleeding?

It is very rare to bleed with my dermarollers because of the spherical shape of the needles, and relatively shallow depth of GAB needles. The longer the needle, the more chance you have to experience very slight bleeding in areas where the skin is closer to bone. Generally clients do not experience any bleeding with our length needles. Bleeding is more common with wheel-style dermarollers. 

14. Is there anything else I can use if I don’t want to use alcohol directly on my face to sterilize before dermarolling?

Always disinfect the dermaroller itself with rubbing alcohol. Do not rinse with tap water afterward. I recommend using rubbing alcohol because it is the best form of disinfectant. Witch hazel is another acceptable form of disinfectant. Some clients have mentioned using other products, but alcohol and witch hazel are the two products we recommend for the best disinfecting. If you experience sensitivity to alcohol, you can wash your face with distilled water afterward to neutralize. I do not recommend tap water, as it may contain impurities.

15. What are the best products to put on my face after dermarolling?

Of course we recommend any of Gin Amber Beauty’s serums or creams, which have been specially formulated to enhance dermarolling results. Generally, I recommend hyaluronic acid serums, Vitamin C and peptides.

16. After I dermaroll I experience redness and a sensation that feels like a sunburn, is this normal?

Yes, both of these outcomes are typical reactions to the action of dermarolling. The longer the needle tip, the longer these responses might last, because of deeper penetration. In general redness should last no longer than 12 hours, and the “sunburn” sensation should last no more than 24 hours. For more information click here to watch my video on Youtube


17. Can I dermaroll during pregnancy? 



18. I’m confused about how many times to go over my face and in what directions, can you help?

It can take a while to get used to your dermarolling practice. Everyone’s skin and anatomy is different, so you will have to gauge your own response to dermarolling and how often you want to go over certain areas. Maybe you will want to concentrate on particular areas of concern. My best advice to you is to watch any of my many videos on how to dermaroll, and with tips and tricks. Like this one: How to use Dermaroller for beginners or this one that answers many FAQs: Dermaroller Q&A: What to use after and How often