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5 Biggest Skincare Myths

5 Biggest Skincare Myths

Sometimes the internet can be a wonderful thing. With an undeniable influx of information going into and out of the internet, knowledge has never been so accessible. Which makes learning more about one's individual passions that much easier. But there's just one small problem.

Disinformation swims the internet just as prominently as regular information does but the reason disinformation is so dangerous is because there are those who don't have enough knowledge; they're seeking answers and sometimes the first thing they see, is the first thing they believe.

So when it comes to skincare, there are a ton of skincare myths out there that are taken for fact. That's why I'm here to hand out five of the biggest skincare myths out there right now. Let's go!

MYTH 1: Moisturizer Gets Rid of Wrinkles

While moisturizers can definitely put a halt into the formation of wrinkles, unfortunately, it doesn't do much for the wrinkles that are already there.

These need cellular turnover. They need collagen/elastin induction. They need to be delivered nutrients through the bloodstream. Only then can signs of aging be reversed. Moisturizer, unfortunately, doesn't do anything in those departments. But hey, at least our skin is soft.

MYTH 2: Not Washing Your Face Causes Acne

Hygiene plays the most important role here. While not washing your face can definitely contribute to clogged pores, increased sebum production, and acne, not washing your face doesn't necessarily mean these things will happen.

Everyone is different. While some people need to wash their face daily, others can go longer without. Pay attention to your skin and learn its habits and its needs.

MYTH 3: Exfoliating is a Must

Okay, while I am definitely an advocate of exfoliation, there's a part of me that needs to butt in here and say this isn't particularly needed.

Your skin naturally sheds its superficial keratinocytes about once per month, which means you don't necessarily need any type of abrasive action. Your body does this all on its own.

However, deep cleansing and exfoliating really does boost your skincare results and that's essentially what we're all here for isn't it?

MYTH 4: If a Product Burns, That Means It's Working

This is an absolutely not. In no way should your beauty products burn, sting, or cause you overall discomfort and pain. If it does, listen to your body and discontinue use.

One of the biggest things that I see is people microneedling at home or even going in to a clinic and undergoing microneedling therapy, only to finish with a highly irritated, red face. It looks like a bad sunburn, sometimes it bleeds, and in no way is this normal.

It may seem like the more it burns or the more it hurts, the better effects you're going to have and while this might apply to maybe working out and muscle repair, for your skin, it's a big no.

MYTH 5: You Need to Wash Your Face Multiple Times a Day

Surprisingly, there are those that believe the more times you wash your face a day, the more benefits you're going to see for your skin. This is absolutely not true.

While the face on our skin should most certainly be cleansed, there's really no need to wash your face more than once a day. Your face contains naturally moisturizing oils and it's good to keep those natural levels to prevent drying out your skin and causing other problems.

Washing your face more than once a day simply has no further benefits and can actually harm your skin from being overworked and over-cleansed. Sometimes, less is more.

And there you have it. 5 of the biggest skincare myths circulating the internet right now. Leave a comment below if you've heard any other skincare myths you feel should be debunked and I'll make a part 2!

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