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5 Reasons You Should Be Face Rolling

5 Reasons You Should Be Face Rolling

Face rolling may seem like a modern day beauty solution, but would you be surprised to know that face rollers have actually been around since 7th century China? 

Originally used as a skincare ritual reserved for the social elite, face rollers were renowned for their anti-aging benefits. Also used in holistic medicine, the face roller was famous for its soothing and calming properties.

Unfortunately, we're no longer in the 7th century and face rollers have come a long way. There are so many different types of rollers including jade, stainless steel, rose quartz, black obsidian and more; but the question still remains. Why should you be face rolling and what benefits can it provide that other serums and creams can't?

It Increases Circulation

This one might seem like a no-brainer and honestly, what's so impressive about boosted blood-flow anyways?

Blood is oxygen and nutrient rich and improving circulation to a certain area of skin is going to keep these skin cells vital. Surprisingly, areas of skin without proper circulation also do not produce collagen as efficiently, resulting in a loss of elasticity and youthful resilience. 

Face rolling is an efficient way of improving blood flow to the face by massaging these vital areas of skin. Try placing your roller in the freezer for a few hours for a refreshing roll that's sure to tighten pores, awaken your skin, and provide a "de-puffing" effect, which slims the face and stimulates lymphatic drainage.

It Works Against Gravity

Not only does face rolling helps move toxins out of working cells and improve circulation, but it does a nifty little thing that many of us might find not only interesting, but crazily useful.

As we age, our face tends to sag, mainly because of our lovely friend, gravity. However, it's common practice in face rolling to push upwards as we roll, because there's a possibility that we could re-train the muscles in our face to sit in their original position. It essentially works against gravity, providing a more youthful appearance and reversing signs of aging. 

Keep in mind that this kind of muscle "re-training" won't happen overnight. Consistency is absolutely key here. Give your skin the TLC it deserves and with enough time and habit, you'll begin to notice the results you want.

It Reduces Wrinkles

Since face rollers do improve skin elasticity, firmness, and works to tone the skin, it can work to reduce wrinkles and prevent more from forming in the future

Rollers keep skin healthy; it wakens active cells and nourishes these areas, which works against the aging processes pretty well. And when paired with other DIY skincare practices such as microneedling, it can be an anti-aging powerhouse. 

It's Versatile

Face rollers can be combined with serums for a "slip" effect, making the roller more effective by decreased friction on the surface of the skin. 

Face rollers can also be used anywhere on the body you feel needs a massage or increased circulation. It's small, can fit in any purse and is perfect for on the go. Unlike serums and creams that need to be replenished, rollers live a long life and can be used again and again.

It Just Feels Good

Face rollers are known for their soothing and relaxing effects. When used properly, rollers mimic the effects and benefits of a professional facial massage. 

Rollers are a different breed of skincare tool. Rollers can be used with intention, they can give us a moment to step outside of ourselves and send good energy, peace, and momentary, soothing effects for our skin. Rollers bring together mind and body. They allow us to slow down and truly practice self-care and self-love and in the end, whatever it is we provide the body, whether it's loving serums, loving words, or a loving massage, trust me, the body and skin listens.

Introducing Gin Amber Beauty's Stainless Steel Roller

Gin Amber Beauty's Stainless Steel Anti-Aging GUA/SHA and Face Roller are a must-have for any skincare collection.

professional esthetician tool, this roller that can be used at home and safe to use even even against acne, skin rashes, or inflammation. 

Consider Gin Amber Beauty's Stainless Steel Roller for your skincare arsenal and don't forget to leave reviews and feedback below if you feel like sharing your own personal experiences or rolling techniques!

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