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5 Ways to Stop Acne In Its Tracks

5 Ways to Stop Acne In Its Tracks

Let's face it. An ideal, if not perfect complexion, seems sometimes impossible. When we notice blemishes and pimples on our skin, it gets us feeling a bit insecure and plenty frustrated.

For some of us, acne is a persistent problem. No matter what we seem to do, no matter how many times we wash our face, how many different at-home remedies we use, or how many gods we pray to, acne comes back stronger than before, and with a vengeance.

Overall, the concept of acne is easy enough to understand, but the driving force behind it in any individual can be incredibly complex. From genetics to diet, to clogged pores and over-washing, acne poses a serious threat to our overall skin's health and our internal confidence.

That's why I'm sharing FIVE ways to eliminate acne once and for all, utilizing tips that have tried and true results.

1. Stop Using Hot Water

There's nothing wrong with a little lukewarm water to get the day started. But using extremely hot water when washing your face or showering is actually doing more harm than good.

But can the temperature of water really have that much of an impact on breakouts? Linda Blahr, head of science & education for SkinCeuticals, has this to say about it:

"Hot water increases skin’s microcirculation and activates our sebaceous glands, resulting in open pores and excess sebum production," she explains. "And we all know what excess sebum production leads to...spots"

But that's not all.

"If skin is sensitive this could lead to dehydration and irritation as well.
Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils and healthy bacteria, which plays a major role in keeping moisture in—and the bad stuff out. And because dryness triggers the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, hot water can worsen preexisting acne or cause a breakout.”

So ditch the hot water and go for cool or lukewarm water. You'd be surprised at the benefits your skin will receive.

2. Don't Skip Out on the Moisturizer

Dry skin can be a breeding ground for acne. How? Since the clogging of hair follicles is a primary cause for acne, dry skin can cause an excess buildup of dead skin cells. This, in turn, can clog your pores. Not only that, dry skin makes your pores more likely to break open, allowing acne causing bacteria deeper into the skin.

So what combats dry skin? Ding ding ding! You guessed it. Moisturizers.

Keeping your skin hydrated includes drinking enough water and using a moisturizer that's safe for your skin. Pay attention to what your skin needs.

Moisturizers can include creams and masks. Feed your skin with hydration and nutrients and you'll see the difference for yourself.

My recommendation? Gin Amber Beauty Superfood Sheet Masks, with moisturizing agents that actually reduce water evaporation. But not just that, it's packed with healthy nutrients and soothing ingredients that relax and rejuvenate the skin.

3. Be Careful What Makeup You Use

Here's a fun term that you might not have heard before: acne cosmetica. What does it mean exactly? It means that you, all by yourself, aren't producing acne, but that your makeup is.

It's a harsh fact, some makeups do cause acne. But it's not always black and white as to what's causing the acne, since there are so many different factors involved. You could be enduring stress, making changes in your diet, not washing your face, packing on makeup, and in the midst of it all, it can be frustratingly impossible to pinpoint from what direction the acne is coming from.

That's why it's important to pay attention to your routines and your skin. If you notice a common denominator that might be instigating your acne, try eliminating it from your routine or switching things up. Awareness is half the battle.

4. Stop Washing Your Face So Much

I can already hear the skepticism in your head as your read this. It seems almost counterintuitive doesn't it? Isn't washing your face supposed to clear acne? So why would washing your face too much be a problem?

Washing your face too much can be just as bad (or even worse) than not doing it at all. First of all, you may be scrubbing and irritating already irritated skin. Overworking this area of skin is detrimental to your attempts at clearing acne. But not only that, you're stripping your skin of the healthy oils it needs and drying it out. Remember earlier in this blog when I mentioned that dry skin is a big no-no for clearing acne?

Go easy on the face washing. I personally don't believe you need to wash your face more than once a day, however, some choose to wash at least twice. Sometimes it might be needed, let's say after coming home from the gym or a job that induced a lot of sweatiness.

But keep in mind, less is more, especially when it comes to trying to tackle pesky acne.

5. Pay Attention to Your Hormones

Sometimes, there's nothing you can do. Acne may pop-up because of puberty or even during menstrual cycles. The main culprit is that your hormone levels are changing, which leads to a heightened level of oil production in your pores and hair follicles.

This alone should be a call to action to battle this excess sebum production. Putting a halt to acne isn't just about being proactive, it's about understanding yourself, getting to know your body, your natural cycles, and your skin on an intimate level. Only you know how your body operates, so being self-aware is one of the most powerful tactics against persistent acne.

Sometimes we may believe that acne is being caused by a certain source that turns out to be null. So in reality, we're chasing and pursuing an illusory remedy.

Paying attention to your hormones and body changes is key; it might just simply be that your body is going through its natural cycles. And from that point, you can take the necessary steps to work with your body, battle acne, and recalibrate your you skin back to its natural and healthy glow.

And that's it! Acne isn't always straightforward; and you may run into several obstacles along the way. But so long as you're persistent, listen to your body, make healthy choices, stay hydrated, and keep an eye on your diet and natural cycles, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to at least drastically reduce acne and breakouts.

Feel free to leave comments on your own acne experience. And don''t forget to visit me on TikTok, as well as on IG, @ginamberx, where I go over insanely effective skincare tips, trends, and topics!

Cheers Amber Babies!


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