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Celebrate You!

Celebrate You!

Hi Amber Babies!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. What makes you beautiful is you. You are unique and that is something to celebrate!

Hollywood films and advertising would have you believe that beauty means looking a certain way, but that is not true! What is most beautiful and alluring in a person is confidence. If you think of yourself in a positive way, it will reflect in the way you carry yourself and in how others perceive you.

Unfortunately, many of us struggle with low self-esteem. We tend to focus on negative things instead of looking at the positives in our lives. This way of thinking can affect how you think about yourself and undermine your confidence.

I started Gin Amber Beauty because I wanted women to feel confident and be the best version of themselves. I spend a lot of time in my videos offering information about looking and feeling your best, and I share about my own struggles.

How can you become more confident? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to feel better about yourself. There are a few simple things you can do that can boost your self-confidence.

  1. Smile.

A smile is a universal symbol happiness. Who doesn’t want to be around someone who is happy? Too often we get so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget to smile. That simple act is so powerful that it can change your mood and the mood of those around you.  Smiling has even been proven to lower blood pressure and help alleviate depression.

  1. Take Care of Yourself.

Self-care is important, but we often forego it because we lack time. Taking care of yourself is not a luxury, it is essential for a healthy body and mind. Women especially tend to care for others at the expense of spending time on themselves. Self-care can start with the most fundament of things. Some examples of self-care include:

  • Exercising
  • Eating healthily
  • Sleeping well
  • Creating a skincare routine
  • Going to the hair salon
  1. Wear Something That Makes You Feel Good.

We all have a favorite shirt, outfit or color we like to wear. They are a favorite for a reason. If you feel good, that mood will be reflected in how you carry yourself. Conversely, stay away from clothing that you don’t like – life is too short so wear what you want when you want.

  1. Invest in Yourself.

Take classes to learn a new skill, get a gym membership or pamper yourself with a monthly day at the spa to rejuvenate yourself. You are worth it! It’s never too late to reap the rewards of investing in yourself. You will be glad you did!

Remember that you are your best investment.

  1. Never Give Up.

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes and hopefully we learn from them. It is important to see life as a journey—and our job is to keep moving forward to make every leg of the trip better than the one before it. Life is not a straightforward path, sometimes we take detours, but we have to keep trying to do our best and focus on the positive aspects of your life. I recently shared one of my private struggles in a video.

  1. Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader.

Use positive, encouraging phrases that will motivate you into action, and stay away from negative thoughts. Thoughts are powerful and can manifest into actions. So treat yourself with kindness and allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. We are all human, after all.



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