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Dermarollers vs. Dermapens

Dermarollers vs. Dermapens

At Gin Amber Beauty, we realize that dermarolling and microneedling are both quite recent phenomenons with a long history attached. Due to scientific advancements in the way that we understand the human body and particularly the skin, microneedling devices are improving and evolving at an extremely rapid clip. 

First Generation Microneedling Devices

The dermarollers you might know and use today are predominantly considered to be first-generation devices -- which also means the most basic ones. But professionals are using second, third, even fourth-generation devices at this point. What are you using?

Dermapen vs. dermaroller? Or dermastamp vs. dermaroller? In this article, we will compare the benefits of various microneedling devices in order to help you make the best choice for you.

Dermaroller/Dermapen: Compare and Contrast

Dermarollers are better for covering large areas quickly. If you have less time, they are the better option as far as convenience goes. Dermastamps, on the other hand, are better at treating specific and particular zones (like around the eyes, the lips, and the nose). Dermastamps are also effective for acne scars due to the ability they give users to focus on one specific area. Dermastamps are also less painful than dermarollers. Like derma rollers, they can be used 10-15 times.

Dermapens are considered second-generation devices, which offer additional advantages. When it comes to dermarollers, a consumer will have to purchase different sizes while dermapens can be adjusted to various needle lengths. One drawback is that you have to purchase needle cartridges each time you plan to use your dermapen. Dermapens also give users the ability to control treatment intensity by selecting from a variety of speeds. However, be careful not to apply pressure as you might scratch the skin. You have to move the dermapen over the skin very gently, barely touching it. There is also comparatively less pain and a smaller risk of side effects.

Downsides to the Dermapen

The downsides? You have to be careful. As a more powerful device, the dermapen can cause harm if handled improperly. Do not choose needles too long or microneedle too often or vigorously. Dermapens can also be on the more costly side, so this should be understood upfront. A high-quality dermapen will often cost more than a hundred dollars. Remember that on top of your initial purchase you will also have to spring for cartridges for each use.

3rd and 4th Generation Devices

Third and fourth generation microneedling treatments are the ones that you cannot do at home at this point. Third and fourth generation devices do not only use needles but also radiofrequency. When the insulated needles puncture the skin, they release radiofrequency currents. These currents create thermal zones, which also promotes new collagen and helps boost skin elasticity, both of which become severely compromised as we advance in age.

There are also microneedling rollers that use LED lights, which are pretty new and have not been thoroughly researched yet. There is also DermaFrac, a treatment that combines microdermabrasion, microneedling, serum infusion, and LED therapy(1).

Aqua Stamp and Aqua Pen

Gin Amber Beauty offers Aqua Pens that represent a newer concept in skincare, a device that works with its exclusive cartridge for serum application, greatly improving the efficiency and effect of your skincare routine. Our Aqua Pen provides similar advantages as the dermaroller and dermapen but with automatic application.

The Gin Amber Beauty Aqua Stamp is a high-tech microneedling tool combining needle penetration and automatic serum import into one single action. Press the stamp to trigger a small hydraulic unit which automatically dispenses serum in the area stamped. The serum quickly and evenly penetrates and absorbs via punctures made by the aqua stamp’s surgical-grade, stainless steel needles. Similar to dermarollers and pens, microneedling with an aqua stamp will improve skin texture and tone by stimulating cellular action. Aqua stamps also help replenish collagen, improve wrinkles, and treat hyperpigmentation.

Gin Amber Beauty is committed to providing products that help our customers release their true beauty within. We also provide education and information that will help people get the most out of their skincare and beauty routine.

What sort of microneedling devices are you using and how are they helping you in your skincare journey?


1.) Yadav, S., & Singh, A. (2016). Microneedling: Advances and widening horizons. Indian Dermatology Online Journal, 7(4), 244.


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