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By now you are probably familiar with my signature product, the professional-quality, CE-medical certified, surgical stainless steel Dermaroller that contains 192 real individual needles™ with an ergonomic handle. Maybe you've already used it, and notice how it has improved and rejuvenated the skin on your face. I am so proud of this microneedling tool that can be used safely at home for salon-quality outcomes.

Dermarolling your face has numerous advantages and leaves you with plump, smooth, glowing skin. But did you know that you can dermaroll numerous areas of your body to counteract aging, alleviate scar depth and size and hyperpigmentation, as well as stimulate the growth of new hair at your scalp?

Two of the most neglected areas of skincare are on our necks and our hands, yet these are the two places that show age and sun damage more than anywhere else on our bodies. The skin on your neck is thinner than on your face, and your hands are almost always exposed to the elements, and often sunk in water, soap and other drying or damaging products. The filmmaker and writer, Nora Ephron, once famously said: “The truly astonishing thing is how a body part can age 10 years almost overnight. My hands did. My neck seems to have collapsed in the space of a single year.”

You can counteract these effects by dermarolling your neck and hands. Click HERE to see a demonstration on how to dermaroll your neck, and HERE for my video on how to dermaroll your hands.

One of the most interesting places for effective microneedling results is on the scalp. Microneedling is thought to help stimulate stem cells in the hair follicles that may lead to hair growth. Microneedling also promotes the absorption of growth stimulating products like Rogaine or PRP (plasma rich protein). I have had first-hand experience with the effectiveness of scalp dermarolling.

For a complete tutorial on how to dermaroll your scalp, click HERE. And HERE is my most recent scalp dermarolling video. 

Dermarolling can also help lessen the appearance of stretch marks. This one little tool has a NUMBER of applications that will help address problem areas, boosting your confidence and defying the effects of aging.

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  • Pamela C Langley

    Judy, they are sold in individual packages (which has 2, one for each eye of course), a 6-pack (with 2 each), or a 12-pack (with 2 each). Hope that helps. You can find them here in the store under Cleansers and Masks.

  • Judy Hiland

    How many mini masks are in each package of your micro needle mask ?

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