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How to Properly Use Face Serum

How to Properly Use Face Serum

I know what you're thinking. Pfft. A blog on how to apply face serum? You're joking, right? Don't you just squirt some product into your palm, lather it up, slap it on, and call it a day?

If only it were really that simple. For serums to be utilized to their fullest potential, there's some things you might want to know before snagging your next bottle.

As with anything, there's a science behind the proper application and correlated efficacy of products and this is something that, as a consumer, you should not be ignoring because, well, why are you spending your money in the first place if you're not going to be using the products the right way?

What Are Face Serums?

Serums are light, easily absorbed oil- or water-based liquids that are intended for application onto the skin. Serums are not to be mistaken with moisturizers. Instead, they come in smaller bottles with droppers, where only a few drops of the product can be used for the entire face.
Face serums can range in use but most of the time these tiny tanks pack a powerful punch because they're formulated with a higher concentration of a certain ingredient (i.e. hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, etc.)

Why Do We Need Face Serums?

Serums are known for absorbing quickly into the skin, which makes them a match made in heaven with a dermaroller. While dermarolling has its own benefits, following it up with a powerful serum will allow the skin to absorb the product and concentrated ingredients much more efficiently, allowing deeper skin penetration and overall just more desirable results.

Face serums can help in a variety of ways, from hydration to diminishing dark circles to visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You name it, there's a serum for it.

What Different Types of Serums Are There?

There are a vast selection of face serums on the market. While some claim to be the Holy Grail of skincare, it's good to keep in mind that everyone's different, everyone's skin needs different things, and no two serums are going to provide the same results for two different people.

That being said, Gin Amber Beauty has a variety of skincare serums that we focus on:

I also have a blog which describes each of these serums, what they're used for, and how to apply them.

Each of these has its own concentrated ingredient (peptides, retinol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid) and is best used as a supplement to skincare routines.

Other types of serums focus on hydration, acne, exfoliation, and other skincare aspects. Always do your research before purchasing a product so that you can tailor it and ensure it best fits your current and ideal skincare needs.

Cleanse Your Skin Before Applying Serums

This is often a skipped step and it's honestly something that needs to be shouted from the mountaintops. In order for serums to work effectively, you need to clear your skin of dirt, debris, and dead skin cells.

This will prepare your skin that might hinder serum absorption and slow down your results. Be sure to not overwork or over wash, though. You don't want to have red or irritated skin either. Only cleansing twice at night is the best! 

Layers, Layers, Layers

A great rule of thumb is to remember to apply product according to viscosity, or thickness. Which means that thinner products go on first. So if you plan on using a toner or mist, apply that before applying skin serum. Also remember that damp skin will absorb the product better.

When Applying Serums, Less is More

In reality, you only need a few pumps of serum to cover the whole face area. Don't be inclined to slather on mounds of serum at a time; it won't do you any good. Always follow application instructions provided with your product.

Don't rub, tug, or be abrasive with your skin when applying. Instead, gently glide your fingertips along your skin, allowing the serum to naturally spread out evenly. Otherwise you can also use your palms and pat onto the skin.

Finish Off With a Moisturizer

Because serums aren't intended to be a replacement for moisturizers, it's good habit to apply a moisturizer post-serum so that you can lock in the serum's beneficial nutrients and give your skin that extra hydration and glow.

Remember to wait at least five minutes after you've applied your serum to begin applying moisturizer. Patience is, and always will be, a virtue.

The Takeaway

And there you have it. Some much needed information about serums, what they do, what they are, and how to properly apply them. Don't forget that adding some microneedling into your skincare routine prior to serum application is going to boost your results pretty significantly! It helps promote better product absorption.

For those looking into dermarolling, here's a quick Dermarolling 101 Blog that will give you the rundown of everything you need to know prior to incorporating microneedling into your skincare regimen. This includes what needle sizes there are, the best techniques, and best areas to dermaroll.

Thank you Amber Babies for tuning into yet another blog post! Feel free to leave comments and questions and don't forget to visit me on TikTok, as well as on IG, @ginamberx, where I go over remarkably effective skincare tips, trends, and topics!

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  • Gin Amber

    @Karla You’re welcome, love! See you on the next blogs

  • Gin Amber

    @Delsie This warms my heart, thank you so much for your love and support of our products. I will always only provide the best for all of you 🤗

  • delsie lecavalier

    I have been hooked with GAB skin products (VitC, hyaluronic acid,peptide , Vit.C squalane serums) with dermarolling in the past year and I love them all… Early this year and again this past weekend I sent you an e-mail after I noticed a change of color on the Retinol Eye Serum.. I appreciate your honesty on acknowledging the imperfection on this product.. Your sincerity on the quality of your skin care products affirms my faith on GAB .. Thank you Gin for your sincere commitment to your Amber Babies..
  • Karla Tubbs

    Thank you for this info! This is a great reminder for me when applying skin care products. I did not know “less is better “ when applying serums so I have learned more, and I will definitely pay attention when applying my serum!
    Thank you Gin Amber and Anthony for your expertise! I look forward to the next beauty blog!

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