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The Best Ways to Naturally Lift Your Face Without Surgery

The Best Ways to Naturally Lift Your Face Without Surgery

Oh hey there. It's me again, your mirror. You're staring at me extra hard today, pushing up your cheeks in my reflection, trying to make your face sit the way it used to five, ten, fifteen years ago.

But sadly, just like your complexion, the truth sinks in: you're getting older.

As we age, we lose collagen. This is a fact of life. A tough fact to swallow, because aging takes a huge toll on us. We begin to look less and less like ourselves.

I've been there, I know how that feels. So many people I've come into contact with have opted for plastic surgery in times like this. They go under the knife, get all kinds of expensive procedures, and put themselves at risk.

Take a deep breath. What if I told you that there are natural ways to reclaim your confidence back and restore volume to your face? Ways that don't require anesthesia or weeks of recovery time?

This is a real patient, it's real results, and it's just as possible for you. I know how difficult it can be to commit to something you aren't even sure will work, but this photo is proof that an at-home face lift is more attainable than you think.

Say Goodbye to Drinking and Smoking

Before I talk about some techniques for lifting the face, I want to stress how much your external appearance is affected by your internal health. I'm placing this here first because it doesn't matter how many techniques you do, how many natural approaches you take to skincare. If you continue to introduce toxins into your body, they will be reflected in your skin.

According to Dr. David A. Sinclair, the author of Lifespan, smokers live roughly 10 years less than the average person. Not only does smoking cause cancer and other health conditions, it rapidly ages you.

Drinking alcohol damages organs, particularly the liver and kidneys. It also dehydrates your skin, meaning your cells lose fluids and nutrients they need to glow with youth and resilience.

Me, personally? I noticed the biggest change in my skincare routine when I stopped drinking alcohol. Because sometimes it's not all about what you're including in your skincare regimen, but what you're leaving out. It's been 15 months now and I haven't touched a droplet of alcohol. And guess what?

My skin has never looked better.

Try a Gua Sha or Stainless Steel Roller

There's so many rollers out there, but I will always push towards stainless steel rollers for their non-porous surfaces. I don't like bacteria (and I'm hoping you don't either), and since stainless steel has no pores (unlike jade and quartz), there's less of a risk of bacterial buildup.

But all that aside, gua sha and stainless steel rollers really get the blood flowing. It's all about circulation! Skin cells begin to receive nourishment and that nourishment starts to reverse some of those pesky signs of aging you're seeing in the mirror.

Stainless Steel Anti-Aging Professional Gua Sha and Face Roller

Luckily, I designed this roller just for you and your anti-aging journey.

Microneedling is King

I will keep saying this until I'm blue in the face: microneedling works wonders. Microneedlers are so versatile! In my opinion, they're a safer and more affordable option than surgery.

  • Microneedling lifts, restores, rejuvenates, and redefines skin cells in natural ways and let's be real: natural is always better.
  • Microneedlers have been shown to restore volume back into skin cells through an upsurge in collagen.
  • Microneedling is practically painless and helps skincare products absorb up to 80% better.

If you haven't considered microneedling, now's the time. For those that are looking to achieve a younger complexion through surgery alone, I'm here to tell you something very important: you can achieve the same results with at-home microneedling.

The Pros and Cons of Natural Face Lifting

This isn't to say each don't have their positives and negatives. At-home face lifting takes time, discipline, and consistency. It took me a long time until I realized the same thing.

Lifestyle is the most important thing to master. Listen to me, this is going to take time. Yes, much more time than simple surgery would. The con to at-home routines is that it may take weeks or even months of consistent action until you see results.

The pros? You're saving money, improving your lifestyle, and achieving results through natural ways that contribute to your health and mental well-being.

The Pros and Cons of Surgery

Surgery is quick, it's an instant gratification (after recovery) and it can last a long time. The pros of surgery speak to those who just want immediate turnaround.

The cons speak to wallets all around the world: surgeries aren't cheap. Not only that, you're exposing yourself to complications that might arise from the surgery that put your appearance and health at risk. Not to be a buzzkill, but not all surgeries go according to plan. Some come with high risks. That's not to say surgeries can't turn out phenomenal, but the at-home route doesn't carry these risks.

If you're planning on taking the surgical route, please do your homework. There's nothing more important to me than a client's well being and so I will always tell you to put yourself first and take the time to research.

The Takeaway

Lifestyle is your first and foremost golden ticket to reversing aging and achieving a youthful facelift at home. Cut out your toxins and adopt healthy habits.

These are the basics I would want anyone to know, even before skincare. I would want someone to be internally healthy over externally beautiful. But luckily, they often go hand in hand.

Surgeries can be amazing, but so can at-home discipline and consistency. For me, I feel a sense of pride in knowing that my incredible results (and the results of my clients) come from such consistency and discipline. It proves to me, my audience, and people like you that it's absolutely possible to transform your appearance and confidence.

And I want this for you more than anything else.


Thank you Amber Babies for sticking through for yet another blog! Feel free to leave comments and questions and don't forget to visit me on YouTube, and as well as on IG, @ginamberx, where I go over remarkably effective skincare tips, trends, and topics!

Until next time!

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