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5 Ugly Reasons Why Your Skincare Isn't Working

5 Ugly Reasons Why Your Skincare Isn't Working

Have you ever wondered why your skincare routine seems to be a never-ending cycle of irritation and disappointment? Despite diligently following instructions, maintaining consistency, using all recommended products/routines, doing diets, and heeding the advice of trusted industry experts...

You might still be left wondering, “Why do I get ZERO results?”

Shockingly, the main reason is it’s INTENTIONAL. From badly formulated products to dirty secrets, I’ll be exposing 5 Ugly Truths about the Skincare Industry and how to avoid becoming their victim.


The Skincare Industry, particularly in America, operates on a vicious cycle of dependency. Remember, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry and like any businesses, its primary goal is to make a profit.

When you use products that contain toxic hormone-disrupting ingredients, you are likely to end up with serious health issues and disrupt your skin’s natural barrier. This also leads to increased skin irritation, convincing you to seek out more skincare products to address the issue.

Unfortunately, these other products often contain the same harmful ingredients, creating a cycle of constant exposure to toxicity that results in long-term damage. In worst-case scenarios, this often leads people to seek out stronger medications, such as Accutane, Tretinoin, Spironolactone, and more. The process continues!

It’s important to be aware of this and only choose Skincare Products from brands that prioritize your skin’s health and opt to be Toxic-Free.


The most common advice when building a skincare routine is to do your own research. Easier said than done, right? Alarmingly, an estimated 75% of the “Knowledge” that the Internet provides is false or dishonest, and the spread is difficult to control. The lack of accessible, accurate information about ingredients, skin issues, and the safety of products poses an overwhelming burden for the consumer. I specifically hate it when they don't mention that there are natural ways to heal their skin, like for Rosacea.

All in all, each source claims a different meaning or solution which creates divided opinions that only makes healing and having a healthy skin unattainable.

Skincare Brands also mostly rely on complex scientific jargon to confuse customers and make their products seem more effective than they actually are. This lack of transparency makes it difficult to make informed decisions! 

In reality, it’s impossible for all Brands to adapt to simpler terms and provide free education, as this could cost them a lot. So, it’s crucial to educate yourself about Skincare Ingredients and Logos to look for from non-paid, independent organizations and seek reliable sources to make the best choices for your skin.


When it comes to Skincare Products, what you see on the label may not always be what you get. Many use vague ingredient labels to hide harmful substances just because it’s cheaper and more accessible for them to obtain. Ingredients such as fragrance, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, and sulfates, have been linked to skin irritation, allergies, psoriasis, acne, and even hormonal disruptions.

Fragrance alone can contain up to 50 to 100 unsafe chemicals like chloride, camphor, ethyl acetate, linalool and benzyl alcohol. Phthalates and synthetic musk are also commonly used potentially hazardous ingredients.

But it isn’t always easy to spot added fragrance in those vast ingredient lists, and manufacturers are becoming creative in burying the presence of fragrance. And, unfortunately for consumers, the US does not provide meaningful oversight of the cosmetics industry: Where the EU has 1,600 banned or limited cosmetic ingredients, the US only has 11! Will talk more about this later.

Remember, our skin absorbs every single ingredient we put on our skin. According to a study published by the American Journal of Public Health, our skin can absorb up to 64% of what's applied, and our face is much more permeable than the rest of the body.

Although it is a chore to review the ingredients one by one per product and spot out the culprits, it is for your own safety. Pro tip? Save your time and just shop directly at certified Toxic-Free Brands like Gin Amber Beauty.


I believe that the term “beautiful” should have a different meaning for each individual. That is why I am so frustrated with the Beauty Industry on how they try to control and fit us into their ridiculous categories.

These unrealistic standards that are scattered all over Social Media by Celebrities, Influencers, and the likes can negatively impact mental health and lead to a distorted self-image. Frequent exposure results in eating disorders, body dysmorphia, low self-esteem, stress, social anxiety and more. With these, our body also reacts negatively leading to more skin issues and even health risks.

If we stop allowing these standards and insecurity inducing content to take over our feed, it will create a healthy mindset that will encourage us to be consistent with self-care practices. You must condition yourself and manifest what you want for your skin. Also, being filled with happy hormones is scientifically proven to give the most beautiful natural glow. Focus on maintaining a healthy skin rather than striving for the impossible perfection. Keep smiling!


Did you think I was joking? Believe it or not, your skincare product can be created anywhere and made of anything! Does this mean we should only purchase expensive products? No! That doesn’t guarantee quality either.

A product can be outrageously marked up or promoted as a luxury, but it could still contain cheap, toxic ingredients. On the other hand, opting for cheap brands is not the solution either. Ingredients and production costs a lot, so imagine what’s sacrificed in $20 serums? They are undoubtedly cutting costs somewhere and it’s most likely the quality.

How? It’s because the Beauty Industry is not regulated. As per FDA, “The Law doesn’t require cosmetic products and ingredients, other than color additives, to have FDA Approval before they go on the market.”

This is the biggest and most dangerous fact about the Beauty Industry. Did you know that a product can be labeled as Organic even if it only has 1% of the product’s ingredient composition? The other 99% could potentially be full of unsafe ingredients. The terms are often just marketing gimmicks.

As I mentioned earlier, The EU and other countries have banned or limited more than 1,600 chemicals from personal care products, and sadly most are still legal in the United States! I’m so happy that I graduated and received my esthetician license in Europe, we were educated about this.

Skincare Industry in Europe and USA is very different. Simply in Europe, people address the root cause and help to heal the skin. While in USA, it's all about destroying your skin barrier and making money.

So the next time you feel like a product is not working, I'd encourage you to look closely to your skincare routine. DITCH THE TOXICITY! Promise me to make it a habit to do a deep dive, find out a company’s certifications, standards, ingredients, and their process.

I’m proud to be a European clean skin care brand owner in the USA. Sometimes it feels like I’m flowing against the current here but I know deep in my heart I help people to heal and repair their skin and feel confident with their beautiful skin 💚Let me know your thoughts and please don't forget to subscribe/follow me on YouTubeInstagramFacebook, and TikTok 🥳

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