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1. Are aqua stamp needles made out of stainless steel like the dermaroller needles?

Yes, the aqua stamp uses spherical, surgical stainless steel needles just like the dermaroller.

2. What is the difference between dermarolling and aqua stamping? 

The main difference is in the action of each tool. Because the dermaroller rolls, it can cover a wider area more quickly than the aqua stamp. But the aqua stamp has the advantage of dispensing serum with each “stamp.” Also, the aqua stamp can concentrate in areas that are harder to reach for the dermaroller, like your nose, or the sensitive areas around your eyes. People who experience sensitivity to the dermaroller on the forehead or lips have better luck with the smaller stamping area of the aqua stamp. 

3. How is the serum dispensed with an aqua stamp? Are there channels in the needles?

No, if there were channels, it would weaken the needles and affect the sharpness. The serum is dispensed hydraulically. The stamp has been designed to dispense serum as the needle chamber is compressed against the skin.

4. What serums should I use with my aqua stamp? 

We of course recommend Gin Amber Beauty serums because they are almost entirely natural and organic. But you can use any serum that you have tested on your skin that does not cause sensitivity or reaction. We especially recommend hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, collagen and peptide serums.

5. You mention something called “warming” in one of your videos. What exactly is warming? 

“Warming” is using the aqua stamp dry to create the same needle tip penetration as the dermaroller, by stamping your skin with the tool before loading it with product. This prepares skin to more readily accept the serum that is delivered directly through the aqua stamp once you load it.

6. How do I clean the aqua stamp? 

Cleaning the aqua stamp is a little more complicated than cleaning a dermaroller, you want to be sure to clean the inner cartridge and hydraulic chambers that transmit the serum. Please see the video I made especially on how to disinfect and clean your aqua stamp:

7. Can I use retinol serums or creams in the aqua stamp?

We do not recommend using most retinol products with the aqua stamp.

8. How many times can I use the aqua stamp?

Just like with the dermaroller, your aqua stamp needles will dull with each use. If you are using the stamp on your whole face and neck, we recommend no more than 10 uses. If you are only using the stamp on certain areas of your face, you can calculate about how much area you are covering, and adjust safe usage accordingly. Just remember, dull needles will not only not give poor results, but can also cause damage to the work you have done by microneedling regularly.

9. Can I use an aqua stamp if I have active acne?

As is true with the dermaroller, you should never stamp or penetrate skin if you have active acne, cold sores or any raised or patchy skin abnormalities. To do so creates the risk of infection.

10. How many needles are in the aqua stamp?

There are 22 needles in an aqua stamp.

11. Can I aqua stamp if I have botox or Juvederm?

Yes, but as we recommend with dermarolling, it is advisable to wait 2 weeks after injection.

12. How long should my aqua stamp session last?

Aqua stamping will take a little bit longer than dermarolling because it does not cover as much surface area as quickly as the rolling action of a dermaroller. An aqua stamp session should not last longer than 10 minutes if you are stamping the face only, and about 12 minutes if you include the neck. Please refer to my video on how to use the aqua stamp:

13. Will aqua stamping cause any bleeding?

Just as with the dermaroller, it is very rare to bleed from the aqua stamp. Generally clients do not experience any bleeding with our length needles. The longer the needle length, the higher the possibly that you could experience a tiny bit of bleeding, most often in areas where skin is thin or close to bone, i.e. the forehead.

14. Will I experience redness or the “sunburn” sensation that I have when I dermaroll?

Yes, both of these outcomes are typical reactions to the process of microneedling. Both dermarolling and aqua stamping are microneedling techniques, just done with different tools. The longer the needle tip, the longer these responses might last, because of deeper penetration. In general redness should last no longer than 12 hours, and the “sunburn” sensation should last no more than 24 hours.

15. Does the aqua stamp replace the dermaroller? Should I only use one tool at a time?

It depends on how you use the aqua stamp. It can be used on the whole face, but because of the smaller size, this will take longer. Many customers report using both, or switching off between the two—since the sizes are slightly different, and you can stimulate at different depths. For more information, please watch my video on how to combine dermarolling and aqua stamping: