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1. How long can I use the Aqua Pen on my face? 

Aqua Pen can be used on the face for 5 to 15 minutes. Please refer to this YouTube video on how to use Aqua Pen:

2. How frequently can I use the Aqua Pen?

The frequency depends on what needle size you are going to use: 0.25mm can be used once or twice a week, while 0.5mm twice a month, and 1.0mm once a month.

3Can I use the Aqua Pen on the body?

Yes, you can use it on the body for small areas like the under-eyes, nose, cheeks, and neck area. We recommend using derma rollers for larger surface areas on the body like chest, belly, legs, etc. Since the Aqua Pen tip is smaller, it is much easier and faster to use and perfect for smaller surface areas.

4. Can I mix the serums all together and put them in the cartridge?

Yes, you can mix all Gin Amber Beauty serums in the cartridge.

5. Can you use both derma roller and Aqua Pen? And if so, what is the best way to do it?

Yes. You can use the Aqua Pen for small areas such as around the lips, eyes, nose, and neck, while the derma rollers are for larger surface area spots on the body like cheeks and forehead, chin, and legs.

 Please refer to this YouTube video on how to properly use Aqua Pen:

6. How many uses does the cartridge have before needing to be replaced?

Gin Amber Beauty cartridges can be used 3 times before replacing them.

7. What is the engine speed power?

The Aqua Pen engine speed power is 11000 rpm.

8. How long does it take for me to switch to the next level of the Aqua Pen?

Aqua pen should be used 10 times before switching to the next level.

9. How many pins does the cartridge have?

There are 12 total pins in the Aqua Pen cartridge.

10. What to do when the pen "bounces"  over the cheekbone area?

If the Pen begins "bouncing" over the cheekbone, make sure to reduce the speed and the pressure of the device.