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I began dermarolling (also known as microneedling) after learning about the technique from a friend who worked at a luxury spa in Europe that utilized it for treating numerous skin concerns. But I wasn’t getting the results I’d hoped for, even after trying a number of brands. I decided to take these various dermarollers apart to study their mechanism, and saw that they were not made with needles at all! They were actually made with a series of flat wheels with spokes, which is not professional-grade or even entirely safe. So, I tried to find a high-quality, properly designed dermaroller so I could get the safe results I had hoped for. I bought dozens of brands, even other needle-style rollers, but I could not find one that met my high standards. So in 2017 I decided to develop and manufacture my own dermaroller with all the criteria my research demanded, and that’s when Gin Amber Beauty’s signature dermaroller was born.

Why is the Gin Amber Beauty dermaroller better than others?

My dermaroller is a professional-quality, CE-medical certified, surgical stainless steel dermaroller that contains 192 real individual needles™ set at the proper angle for optimum results. It comes in a hygienically sealed package for instant use, and the handle of my roller is ergonomically designed and slip-proof. When I developed this true needle dermaroller, it was the ONLY dermaroller of its kind on the market. We may be the original real individual needle™ dermaroller, but we are constantly updating and innovating our product line! So why are we better? Here are some reasons:

  • The GAB dermaroller is comprised of 192 REAL individual needles CE-medical certified, surgical stainless steel needles—this is the most effective and professional way to deliver microneedling (or collagen induction) with a home tool. The majority of dermarollers on the market are comprised of rows of metal wheels/discs with spokes, or “teeth,” not real, spherical needles. Although a brand may boast “540 needles,” these rollers actually do not have real needles—which are essential to achieving the correct, therapeutic puncture. There are no clinical results available for rollers made with metal disks. Please see my YouTube video where I dismantle a disc-style dermaroller and show you the difference between a real individual needle™ roller and the others:
  • Metal wheels/discs have triangular or “knife shaped” spokes that are necessarily wider at the base of each tooth, causing a gashing motion when rolled, rather than a clean, precise puncture. This action can permanently damage the skin and/or cause scarring. Because of the triangular or knife-like shape, these spokes cannot penetrate the skin to their full depth—like a real, spherical needle can. They create an uneven, slashing wound, rather than a uniform, precise puncture into the pore. The cleaner, deeper penetration of a real needle is necessary to stimulate keratinocytes at the cellular level, releasing growth factors that promote upregulation of epidermal growth factors and cytokines. This is the science of what happens when you dermaroll. Also, disc style rollers are flat and 2-dimensional rather than spherically 3-dimensional, which renders them more prone to bending and degrading. Please see my YouTube video where I demonstrate the difference in the puncture size and shape of a wheel roller versus a real individual needle™ dermaroller, like Gin Amber Beauty’s.
  • 540 needle disc dermarollers might initially sound better to consumers: More needles should mean more penetration, right? Actually, this assumption is incorrect. You may have seen the “Fakir effect” demonstrated in the bed of nails illusion: A person lies on a bed with numerous nails inserted at a uniform distance. The person remains uninjured—but if they were to try to lie on the same bed with only a single nail sticking up, it would pierce their body. This effect is created by the physics of pressure points distributed over a surface—if you want penetration, more pressure points is not necessarily better. In fact, in the case of dermarolling where the goal is sharp, precise penetration into the pores to stimulate collagen, having too many needle points is actually less effective.
  • The GAB dermaroller handle is ergonomic and has an anti-slip design, making it easy to grip and preventing discomfort from slipping or awkward grip angles.
  • Our GAB device is CE-medical certified, or Conformité Européenne. A CE certification requires that the product complies with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). The EU applies the CE Marking process primarily to ensure safety, as well as to reinforce manufacturer obligation with respect to device claims.
  • The GAB dermaroller is also RoHs certified, indicating we do not use identified hazardous substances in manufacturing our product.
  • We do not use added fragrance, and choose organic or natural ingredients whenever possible. There are as few additives and preservatives in our serums as possible while still creating a product with an acceptable shelf-life and results.
  • Gin Amber Beauty is committed to sustainability, and we are currently working on ways to making our packaging more environmentally friendly. Our boxes and bottles are all recyclable.

In the images below you can see the difference in shape and dimension of our real individual needles™, and the flat spokes of a wheel/disc dermaroller. You can see how the base of the “teeth” is wider than the tip, and that the disc is flat, creating a gash rather than a puncture.