Gin Amber and Gin Amber Beauty care deeply about customer satisfaction, but we also care about the health of our planet. For us that means battling unnecessary waste, encouraging sustainability, and being part of the solution—not adding to the problem.

Sustainability is extremely challenging for a beauty company. While we seek to formulate products that are safe and visibly effective, we also want to our ingredients to be as natural and organic as possible. We need to ship our products so they arrive intact, but we want to honor the planet by minimizing packaging and using recycled materials. We want to use recyclable product containers, but they still need to be user-friendly and preserve the integrity of our product.

So what have we here at Gin Amber Beauty done to improve our carbon footprint? Well, we switched our aqua stamps from plastic to a glass chamber, and are going to test market replaceable aqua stamp needles. Our serums, as well as the Café Gommage Mask, all come in glass dispensers. We are working to switch as many products as we can into glass containers. We have switched to shipping boxes and envelopes made from recycled materials, and we recently purchased an expensive, high-grade shredder so that we can use old magazines and print items for shipping materials. Gin Amber Beauty employees have also been known to bike or walk to work, and Gin Amber donates personally to many environmental, animal protection and relief efforts.

We are trying—and will continue to try—to improve how we meld a profitable business, overall quality, company profit and environmental soundness. This commitment cuts into overall profits, but when it comes to the environment and the health of this planet, we are looking at the future for mankind, and we think it’s worth it!