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Gin Amber and Gin Amber Beauty care deeply about customer satisfaction, but we also care about the health of our planet. For us that means battling unnecessary waste, encouraging sustainability, and being part of the solution—not adding to the problem.

Sustainability is a challenge for any beauty company. While we strive to formulate safe and visibly effective products, we also strive to include ingredients as natural and organic as possible. We ship our products so they arrive intact, but we want to honor the planet by minimizing packaging materials and using recycled materials where possible.

So, what has Gin Amber Beauty done to improve our carbon footprint? For starters, our company is plastic neutral as well as carbon neutral. We’ve switched our Aqua stamps from plastic chambers to glass chambers, reducing the amount of plastic going into landfills and oceans. Our serums all come in glass dispensers. We’ve switched to 100% plastic-free shipping supplies and paper-padded envelopes. We’ve also partnered with EcoCart an organization dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. Just add your items to EcoCart and you can donate mere cents towards a healthier planet and a more sustainable future. EcoCart invests in greener solutions, planting trees, and making online orders around the world carbon neutral.

We are continuously trying to improve how we meld a profitable business with environmental soundness. This commitment may result to cuts in profits, but when it comes to the environment and the health of our planet, we look towards the future and we believe it’s absolutely worth it!