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Proven Ways to get Rid of Stretch Marks

3 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Hello my Amber Babies! In this blog I want to touch on a topic I'm pretty passionate about, and that is the ability to diminish or erase stretch marks on the skin.

There are a number of materials and resources online about this topic and you'll get a variety of opinions, home remedies, and comprehensive lists of products and treatments that claim to cure one of the most stubborn skin conditions: stretch marks.

The truth is, some stretch marks may be so severe that the only thing treatments can achieve is a vast reduction in their appearance. I always advocate confidence above all else and encourage those suffering from severe stretch marks to embrace their body's changes and unique design. 

However, I also am here to tell you that there's hope. Living with stretch marks can significantly reduce one's confidence and self-image, and it's not easy to see your skin with blemishes or imperfections that just won't go away. Trust me when I say, I understand.

Working to rid yourself of stretch marks is a journey, and the only thing standing between you and your skin goals are knowledge and consistency. So let's start with the basics.

Why Do We Get Stretch Marks?

Pinpointing the source of stretch marks is oftentimes easy if you step back and assess your lifestyle and body changes. Since stretch marks are caused by rapid skin growth or "overstretching", the two main culprits of stretch marks are weight loss/gain and pregnancy.

Other reasons may be rapid muscle growth (weight training) or even growth spurts. Essentially, your skin is being stretched faster than your collagen production can keep up with. Collagen and elastin are responsible for the elasticity of skin, but if something such as intense weight gain or pregnancy occurs faster than your skin can keep up with, stretching and stretch marks often occurs.

Are There Stretch Mark Myths You Should Know About?

Yes. And it's a pretty simple one. It's that no single serum or lotion alone is going to cure or rid you of stretch marks. Many products claim to diminish stretch marks, but often times do nothing more than moisturize and are incapable of penetrating the skin's surface and restructuring the skin on a cellular level. However, there is one exception, and this is retinoid cream, however this cream only works best on fresh stretch marks a few months old. More information can be found on this cream here.

1. Exfoliation

Regular exfoliation is recommended as a supplement to other stretch mark treatments. Since exfoliation removes dead skin from your body, this allows other skin treatments to penetrate more deeply and allow for faster results.

Consider genuine, all-natural exfoliating products, including Gin Amber Beauty's AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, which not only cleanses and exfoliates, but reduces pore size and increases cell turnover.

2. Microneedling/Dermarolling

The queen of stretch mark results has arrived. Microneedling (also known as dermarolling) is one of the most effective ways to drastically reduce or erase the appearance of stretch marks.

By using proper dermaroller size and technique (see my FAQ for important information on this), you're creating microscopic puncture wounds in the skin to a certain depth, which in turn triggers the body's natural healing response.

What happens then? A surplus in collagen and elastin production; the very thing we need, a restructuring of the skin on a cellular level. An increase in collagen and elastin, along with other healing processes within the skin means regeneration on a whole new level.

What's a good needle depth for this? 1.0mm to 1.5mm is the sweet spot here, with 0.75mm recommended for those with a little more sensitive skin, however keep in mind that the needles will need to penetrate to a certain depth to activate the mentioned healing benefits. Watch my video to see the proper way to dermaroll your skin specifically for stretch marks.

Also remember to invest in real-needle dermarollers, such as my line of microneedlers, designed with real, medical-grade stainless steel needles. Keep in mind that several dermarollers on the market contain low quality, fake needles that can potentially scar your skin and worsen your stretch marks, so it's always important to do your research!

3. Microdermabrasion

Extremely similar to exfoliation, microdermabrasion can be performed by a dermatologist and is one of the few clinically proven methods that can diminish stretch marks altogether. Microdermabrasion involves the use of tools and abrasive techniques to sand the skin down and improve skin texture, tone, and appearance.

However, there are some sources online regarding sugar as an excellent at-home naturopathic microdermabrasion remedy. Check out this site for a simple sugar microdermabrasion recipe.


I hope this blog post shed some light onto the top methods for reducing and erasing stretch marks. Keep in mind that certain stretch marks may be so severe as to have generated scar tissue, and that these are much more difficult, if not impossible, to completely get rid of.

However, with patience, consistency, and implementation of the tips above, you can see a drastic reduction in your stretch marks. Continue to practice safe skin routines, do your research, and remember to always be gentle with your skin and yourself. Confidence and self-love is key and I advocate this above all else.

Thanks again my Amber Babies for tuning into my latest blog post and the best of luck on your skincare journeys. Until next time!

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    @Michelle Hi love, the 1.0mm and 1.5mm dermarollers are both available on ❤️ Click “Shop” on the main navigation to see all products. We also have the new wide Body Dermaroller designed for treating stretchmarks and other concerns on the body

  • Gin Amber

    Penelope You're welcome and I'd love to help curate a routine for her. Please e-mail us at

  • Penelope Smith

    Thanks for explaining that exfoliation can help you manage stretch marks. That is good for me to beware of because my sister really hates the stretch marks on her thighs. It seems like she should get an expert to help with figuring out what products will work well.

  • Michelle Gorham

    How can I get your1.0 and 1.5 micro rollers for stretch marks

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