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Best Dermaroller for Your Skin

How to choose the best dermaroller for your skin type



Welcome back Amber Babies! In this post, I will be talking about how to choose the right dermaroller for your skin type. Are you using your derma roller for hair loss? To treat acne scars or to reduce the appearance of stretch marks? We are about to cover it all, so let’s jump in!


Needle size

Did you know all of our dermaroller's and microneedle's offer different results based on the needle length you choose? The choice of your needle size will vary based on your skincare goals! Do you have sensitive skin? A 0.20mm dermaroller is just for you! If your skin is temperamental or you have a skin condition like eczema, rosacea, or melasma you should start with the smallest needle as to not put too much stress on your already aggravated skin. The 0.20mm roller will cause micro-punctures to the epidermis only, this still creates plenty of penetration to stimulate keratinocytes! These needles are perfect for creating that plump and glow you are after! We advise you to use each roller only ten times before replacing, if you have used your 0.20mm dermaroller ten times and your skin feels like it is fully healing between rolling sessions move on up to the 0.25mm for the next ten sessions. If your skin is still feeling delicate between rolling stay right where you are until those sensations dissipate.

Is your skin dry and dehydrated?? Are you finding yourself chasing after the best ways to obtain serum absorption?? Say hello to the dermaroller 0.25mm!! Assuming you do not have overly sensitive skin, this is the tool for you to jump right in with. If your skin is sensitive see above and start first with the 0.20mm roller. The 0.25mm dermaroller penetrates slightly deeper than the 0.20mm and advances your micro-needling practice. This dermaroller is designed to be your go-to for gentle micro-needling to improve serum penetration, and works an aid diminishing the appearance of scars, and is an awesome exfoliant assisting with cell turnover. The 0.25mm roller is excellent for plumping your lips, maximizing serum delivery into the skin, tightening and firming, and improving discoloration and fine lines. When starting out you can use this roller twice a week or if you are an advanced user, you can use daily with caution.

Have you been micro-needling for a while now and notice the glowing changes happening on your skin?? You have already treated your skin with at least 10-20 sessions with the 0.25mm roller, and are feeling ready to advance? Allow me to introduce the 0.50mm dermaroller… Drumroll, please… The 0.50mm dermaroller is recommended for customers who have used our 0.25mm dermaroller and want to address deeper or more stubborn skin concerns. By extending the depth of the needle, the action on your skin causes cell turnover to happen at a deeper level improving results. For facial use, this roller helps to treat sun damage and hyperpigmentation and works deeper into the layers of your skin targeting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Although this is an advanced skincare tool for your face, it is also a beginner tool for hair loss! The 0.50mm roller is your first line of defence for treating hair loss! It will help to stimulate new growth! You can use directly on the scalp on wet hair once a week.

Now if you have been dermarolling for six months or longer and looking for even deeper results towards shallow acne scars, lasting hyperpigmentation, loose skin, stubborn lines and wrinkles the 0.75mm dermaroller is for you! This dermaroller is great for improving the surface of your skin, however, it is recommended to use a smaller needle size on the forehead and around your eyes. The 0.75mm is your next step up from the 0.50mm to assist in hair follicle stimulation and for use on areas of concern on your body. (not just your face and scalp.) 

For Your Body

After you have spent some time dermarolling your body with the 0.75mm dermaroller you will want to advance again to the 1.0mm dermaroller. This roller is your last stop for your face. And you would be trying to get at deep scaring and avoiding all sensitive areas! Not everyone will be suitable for this roller on their face, proceed with caution, never inflicting pain on yourself. If using on your face you are targeting deep acne scars, more advanced skin wrinkles, or areas where the loss of volume has occurred. This roller can also be used on the scalp when levelling out of the 0.75mm. You may find that you need to use numbing cream at this depth. (P.S my go-to is EbanelNumb520)

Dermaroller 1.5mm our last and largest needle size. Gin Amber Beauty developed this needle length specifically to treat stretch marks on the body. We do not recommend using this depth of penetration on your face. There have been many studies done, which have confirmed that dermarolling can help alleviate the appearance of stretch marks. The 1.5mm dermaroller Can be used anywhere stretch marks occur, including thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen. For more sensitive areas, begin by practicing with a smaller needle size (we recommend 0.75mm or 1.0mm to begin treatment). The 1.5mm dermaroller can also be used on the scalp for advanced treatment.

You should be picking up on the repeating theme by now that all of our dermarollers work on a gradual upgrading process. By analyzing your skin type and skin conditions we can determine what roller size you should start with. It is important to start slow and work your way up! I know we all want instant results; we want to go to sleep as a caterpillar and wake up as a beautiful butterfly, BUT that is just not human nature. (I wish!) Changing your skin especially reversing damage and ageing takes time! It is a slow and gradual process and using the wrong needle size or rushing the process will cause more damage than good in the long term.


I would love to hear how you are making out at home!! Leave a comment below and let me know what dermaroller you are using and why. How long have you been using it; what results are you seeing and what areas are you still hoping to see improvement towards? Let’s work together and get you that long-desired glow!! Thank you again Amber Babies for tuning in to my latest blog post! I cannot wait to hear about what you're using on your skin and see how we can take your skin to the next level. Please answer the questions below with an email to for a chance to win the best dermaroller for your skin type.


Recap Questionnaire

  1. What roller should you use if you have an underlying skin condition and have never used a dermaroller before?
  2. What Is the best dermarolller for body rolling?
  3. Which dermaroller did Gin Amber Beauty design specifically for treating stretch marks?
  4. Which dermaroller is designed to increase serum absorption?
  5. What is Gin Amber Beauty’s smallest needle size?
  6. What is Gin Amber Beauty’s largest needle size?
  7. At what needle size do we caution you to apply numbing cream?
  8. What are the areas you should avoid rolling over with large needle sizes?

Thank you sooo much, amber babies! Please email your answers to to be entered for a chance to win. We will be taking entries for the next ten days! And make sure you tune in next time for a new blog post on our newest product launch, where we will be talking all things aqua pen!! If you haven’t pre-ordered yours yet make sure you grab one before they sell out!!

Much Love to all of you!! And don’t forget to comment below with what roller you are using and how I can help you address your current skincare needs!

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  • Gin Amber

    @Evie You can find this information on our About Tab, then FAQ Aqua Stamps 🤗

  • Evie Brown

    I’ve just read through your info on using the right size of derma roller for my needs and I just want some similar info on the aqua stamp. I would appreciate that.

    Many thanks,
    Evie Brown

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