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4 Tips for Healthy Spring Skin

4 Tips for Healthy Spring Skin

It’s that time. The snow has melted, the sun is shining, and warmth is once again descending upon civilization, upon you, and upon your skin. If you live in an area where the cold becomes unbearable, you might have found it challenging to maintain your skincare routine over the winter, especially when it came to battling the elements. Cold, cracked, and dry skin for months on end can wreak havoc on your skin over long periods of time, so it’s always smart to boost your spring skincare tacticsso that you can repair damage, sustain longevity, and protect your coveted skin cells. Where some people might be prone to discuss how to make your skin glowup this spring, we’re going to touch on how you can keep your skin healthy and protected.

1. Exfoliate!

We mentioned that dry, cracked, flaky skin is one of the byproducts of winter. A layer of dead skin cells often resides on top of the skin and although your body is efficient at pushing off and shedding these skin cells, they can linger and cause more damage than good. For instance, did you know that dead skin cells can make you more prone to acne and even increase the effects of aging?

After winter, dead skin cells can be more prominent after damage has been done by the dry and cold weather. That’s why it’s so important to introduce an exfoliation routine for spring, so that you can get to shedding unwanted cells and open up your pores, allowing your skin to breathe.

And let’s not forget that exfoliating allows your skin to absorb beauty products more efficiently. This means serums, creams, lotions, and potions will be introduced more readily by your skin and begin introducing its benefits and effects without hindrance.

What’s a good exfoliating cleanser, you might ask? Try Gin Amber Beauty’s AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanserthat works wonders for that pesky top layer of dead skin cells, leaving behind a refreshing feel and youthful glow you’ll love for those springtime selfies.

2. Want Anti-Aging? Try Antioxidants.

Your skin is going to age over time, but did you know that what you put into your body is going to have massive effects on this process? Think processed foods, smoking, lack of water, lack of exercise, excess chemicals, and a poor sleep routine.

All of these are going to play a part in how you age and some may even introduce toxins and free radicals into your skin. What are free radicals exactly? Free radicals are unstable atoms that are known to damage healthy cells in our bodies. And according to an internet article on,

Applying antioxidants onto the skin can help boost your body’s antioxidant-generating capacity, or directly help to neutralize free radicals. When applied topically, antioxidants can help to slow down the processes which break down the proteins in the skin, such as collagen fibers. This means that you can also slow down the signs of premature skin aging and help your skin to remain supple, bright, and uniform in tone.”

The power of antioxidants is not to be underestimated and incorporating them into your spring skincare routine is a perfect first step towards shifting your skin’s health with the season.

Look for beauty products with Vitamins A, C, D, and E and do your due diligence in researching what chemicals and ingredients are in your serums and creams. Knowledge is the first step towards change and healthy change at that.

3. Moisturize, but Focus on Anti-Inflammatory

Dry skin is a persistent problem for many of us and when shifting out of the winter season, blasting our skin with moisturizers and cleansers may not be the best practice.

Oftentimes, our skin is still adjusting and may become inflamed and agitated with the introduction of too many things at once. That’s why we recommend starting with a gentle moisturizing routine and looking for products with anti-inflammatory

This tip also includes getting rid of habits that might be making your skin flare up. This includes excessively long showers, over-washing your face, scratching at dry skin, and using harsh products and soaps.

Also pay attention to how your skin reacts to certain make-ups, as going heavy on some cosmetics, especially foundation, can trigger acne and other undesirable skin conditions.

4. Throw Out Old Beauty Products!

You don’t want to be moving into the warm season with products that have been aging in your cupboards like bad sauce. Check the expiration on your products and anything over six months old, just toss!

Check for products that are crusted, discolored, or smell off. Invest in some new products for the spring season and always remember to check ingredients and quality before making a smart purchase.

Going through your old products will also trigger new habits and encourage a feeling of starting fresh, something you want for your skin as well, considering you’re moving out of the winter months. Also check out this useful article on which beauty products you should be focusing on when doing your spring cleaning!

Healthy skin isn't a no-brainer, so don't feel discouraged if you're still finding it hard to incorporate healthy habits and see results. Not everyone's skin is created equal and sometimes it takes a little extra tender love and care to find the right balance and harmony for your skin. 

I hope these tips were useful for helping you transition into the spring season! Feel free to leave a comment below on your experiences or other skincare spring tips you've found over the years! Thank you Amber Babies!

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