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A New Year Means New Products and New Projects at Gin Amber Beauty!

A New Year Means New Products and New Projects at Gin Amber Beauty!

We've been busy over the holidays and into this New Year! If you subscribe to our newsletter, you'll know that we've launched two fantastic new products over the past month.

When I couldn't find a sheet mask emollient, soothing, bioavailable and fragrance-free to use especially after dermarolling, I decided to formulate one myself! It was quite an odyssey to search out a manufacturer (I went with one in Korea, because they are really innovating mask formulas right now), to perfect the formulation, and to get the product packaged attractively and shipped here to the US. I started the process with three goals in mind:

  • The Mask needed to be FRAGRANCE FREE
  • The Mask needed to be as natural and bio-available as possible
  • The Mask needed to be soothing and gentle enough to be used after dermarolling

We started with a 100% cotton sheet to avoid sensitivities and reactions. Quite a few prototypes went back and forth between us, and finally we hit on what I think is the PERFECT formula!

So, on 12/20/19 we introduced our Soothing+Smoothing Skin Superfood Sheet Mask. Your best value is to purchase the 10-pack for $49, or you can try a 3-pack for $20.


And just today we launched our new customizable 3-pack of Aqua Stamp Replacement Tips. This has been a passion project for me, because I have a real issue with the waste of throwing away a perfectly good Aqua Stamp cartridge when all that needs replacing is the needle tip! I worked with our manufacturer for over a year to convince them that the replacement tip needed to be developed, and now we are offering them at $59, a substantial savings over buying 3 new Aqua Stamps!

You simply twist off your old stamp head, throw it away, and twist on your new Replacement Tip. You can customize your choice of needle lengths, too.

Stay tuned, we've got something VERY special, designed with input from YOU, our customers, in the works!

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