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A little Bit About Me & My Personal and Business Philosophy

A little Bit About Me & My Personal and Business Philosophy

How does an aesthetician from Lithuania start a beauty company in Miami? Believe me, it was initially a scary idea--but I thrive on challenge. I have ALWAYS dreamed of coming to the US, and when I arrived here, I found all the opportunity and options I had envisioned. Because of my experience in the beauty industry I decided to focus on an area where my passions lie. I agree with all the motivators who suggest that one key to success is to DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE! And even if you are in a transitional or bridge situation, love what you are doing, it's leading you somewhere or teaching you something!

Gin Amber Beauty started with our signature, trademarked 192 real individual needles™ Dermaroller, and grew from there. I develop products that support or enhance each other. Every single product that we launch goes through rigorous development. If you know me, you have experienced my exacting standards! 

So after launching in late 2017 with ONE Dermaroller and operating out of my apartment, today Gin Amber Beauty has:

  • 9 sizes and types of microneedling devices
  • 5 serums and creams
  • 4 cleansers and masks
  • 4 accessories and tools
  • Multiple bundles, kits and Aqua Stamp replacement heads (new!)
  • and our Monthly Subscription Box

I'm proud of our growth and commitment to excellent, results-oriented products.

I'm also proud of how my business operates. We stand by some very firm principles:

We are always formulated without:

  • Parabens
  • Mineral Oil
  • Phthalates
  • Triclosan
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Gluten

We are also VEGAN (no beeswax even!) and CRUELTY FREE. No animal testing at Gin Amber Beauty!

I work hard to formulate products with as many organic and natural ingredients as possible.

In our office and warehouse, we recycle everything we possibly can at the office! We use recycled materials to package whenever possible, and paid considerably more for recycled packaging. I worked for months to find a manufacturer who would finally produce our Aqua Stamp replacement tips to create less waste from microneedling. 


While I am committed to keeping my company thriving and successful, I also truly want to help people. Along with business promotions and informational media postings, I also regularly share things I have learned about beauty, health, fitness, life skills, etc.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, or follow me on Instagram, where I live my life, share wellness information, inspirational quotes and images, and my ethics quite openly. I have discussed my struggles with health issues, and shared my experiences attending various seminars that are motivational, business, spiritual or interpersonal skills oriented. I hope that being open and accessible has helped or enriched the lives of some of my followers and customers.

I appreciate each and every one of you! These are not words, they are sincere--I believe we are all deeply connected and without you, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Thank you!



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  • Maya

    @janita – Gin is Lithuanian 💋

    Warm regards from our customer service team ❤️

  • janita

    I think you are lovely and very helpful. more like a friend. what nationality are you. I am polish. kind regards janita

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