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Hello to all my Amber Babies, how is everyone holding up?

We are all going through a period of adjustment, and for many of us, perhaps some hardships, too. BUT, please try to remember—this, too, shall pass! While I encourage everyone to be cautious and abide by the rules of your area, I also hope you take the time to identify the positives of social distancing, and to pamper yourself like you never have before, now that you have the time to do so.

I’ve just posted a New Video on YouTube that outlines my nighttime skincare routine with a week’s worth of varying product options. I think it is important to vary your routine. Check it out!

A few things I cover in the video:

  • How well should we clean our skin at night, and why?
  • Why should you do your nighttime skincare routine at least an hour before bedtime?
  • Can a cotton pad look like a duck bill?
  • What quality do I dislike in many eye-makeup removers?
  • What’s the most expensive skin-care product in my routine? (HINT: It’s not a Gin Amber Beauty product, we strive to be high-quality but still affordable.)
  • Is it OK to use oil on your skin, and if so, how often?
  • Can you put a sheet mask on AFTER you've done your skincare routine?

I hope you enjoy the video, I’m trying to remain positive and light-hearted through this difficult time.

I also wanted to suggest a few things aside from skincare to help you remain connected and feeling part of your community while we are social distancing or sheltering in place:

  1. Check on an elderly or disabled relative or neighbor. If it is safe to do so, maybe you can run an errand for them. Otherwise, just having conversations and connecting with others is a positive thing to do at this time.
  2. Don’t HOARD!! We are all in this together, do you really want to have more toilet paper than you could use in a year, while someone else has none?
  3. Reconnect with an old friend or make up with someone you’ve had a falling out with. Now is a good time for forgiveness.
  4. Dance, dance, dance! (You can look as silly as you want, it’s still good exercise!)
  5. If your income is not too much at risk, support small businesses that are still open through online ordering or food delivery.
 Most importantly, be well
(and take good care of your skin now that you have the time to do so)!
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  • Gin Amber

    @Inka Dance dance dance it is! I believe you are already in love with dermarolling by this time ❤️

  • Gin Amber

    @Simone I’m happy to have you here, thank you for sharing with others! ❤️

  • Simone

    Dear Gin! I watch your video once , I fell in love with the product and your history of life, I sand the video to my friend’s they love, and order. for long time looking for good product, finale soon i will have thank you God bless you .

    sincerely Simone

  • Inka

    Great post, Gin Amber!

    I have been following your videos for a couple of weeks now and I finally decided to do my first order today! Yay. Can’t wait to test the dermaroller & the vitamin C serum.

    Now that I have time, I am going to watch more of the videos & learn all about dermarolling – and ofc dance dance dance! :)


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