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Hello out there my Amber Babies! I hope you are all doing well under these unusual circumstances.

It seems many of you are spending at least some of your at-home time taking better care of your skin, because we are selling A LOT of skincare and Dermarollers here at Gin Amber Beauty! Good for you. Our team here has been trying out new products and techniques, and we are getting closer to developing our long-awaited eye cream—stand by!

And, I’m so happy to see new views on my Youtube videos, and my subscriber count has recently reached 90,600! 

For those of you who are new to Dermarolling, using your new Aqua Stamp, or Gin Amber Beauty products be sure to check out my youtube channel with numerous instructional videos featuring demonstrations, tips and links. I have videos on many different topics, I hope they give you some insights.

You can find my latest video here. I answer the 6 most commonly asked Dermarolling questions and provide links and resources.

  • What size Dermaroller should I start with?
  • How long will it be before I see results?
  • What can I use to disinfect other than alcohol?
  • How many times can I use my Dermaroller before it should be discarded?
  • Why do I have dry or tight skin after Dermarolling?
  • Mystery question – watch to learn what it is and hear the answer

Remember you can always find answers here on the website under the FAQ tab (and drop-down menu), or through the chat window here on the website. We can also answer your questions in comments on youtube, or here in the blog, but we may be a little slower to respond.

In case you missed it, our microneedle eye masks are finally back in stock—these were a customer favorite, and so popular I’ve already had to make my next order to restock. So if you are a fan of these little dynamos, order now!

Keep on microneedling, applying your sheet mask and serums, using your dolphins and pampering yourselves if you are in the midst of downtime. Here’s to all of us emerging from our houses with plump, luminous, healthy skins and a new appreciation for life!

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