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How to Erase Fine Lines with the Aqua Pen

How to Erase Fine Lines with the Aqua Pen

Microneedle therapy exclusive to expensive med spas is now a thing of the past. DIY skincare is what we’re all about and now that we’re pushing ever so closer to 2022, it’s about time we start taking our health and beauty into our own hands.

But easier said than done. And while some of us are familiar with microneedling, AKA dermarolling from home with a standard dermaroller, others aren’t aware of a hot microneedling tool that can up your skincare game and blast away fine lines and blemishes.

Introducing the Aqua Pen, a concept skincare device fashioned by Gin Amber Beauty. Inspired by the original dermapen, the Aqua Pen works a bit differently, operating with an exclusive cartridge it utilizes to automatically apply serum and essence into the skin while simultaneously microneedling the skin in the area applied.

What Are the Benefits?

Enjoy youthful skin with a microneedling therapy that’s geared towards initiating cellular turnover and collagen production. What’s useful about this tool is that it allows you to get those hard to reach place, including undereyes and around the nose.

The Aqua Pen was also designed to tackle wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne scars, sagging cheeks, furrow lines, crow’s feet, fine lines, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and even hair loss.

Smooth out your complexion, give your cheeks radiant glow, even out skin's tone and texture, the list goes on and on. The benefits of the Aqua Pen reside in its ability to naturally produce newer skin cells and rejuvenate collagen production, while also simultaneously applying essence or serum for a double dose of effectiveness.

How Do You Use the Aqua Pen?

Using the Aqua Pen is pretty straightforward.

  • First, make sure that your Aqua Pen is charged and ready for use.
  • Cleanse, dry, and sanitize your skin
  • Sterilize a new cartridge with 75% isopropyl alcohol
  • Place essence into the empty cartridge
  • Remove the protective covering of the cartridge and assemble the cartridge to the Aqua Pen. Assemble the retaining ring to the pen
  • Press the power button for 2-3 seconds to turn on. Click the power button to adjust the speed from 1 to 4.
  • Apply slight pressure on the desired area and slowly move the pen back and forth around 4-5 times. Be sure to lift and press.

And that's it. What's fun about this tool is that it also increases absorption of facial skincare products by over 500%ultimately maximizing their effectiveness.

Are There Any Downsides to the Aqua Pen?

Aside from some mild discomfort where applied, some customers claim that they don't feel anything at all. It might be hard to discern whether your Aqua Pen is actually doing what it's supposed to be doing or see results right away.

Patience is key here. While your skin adapts to this new therapy, it will take some time to notice results. Consistent application of the Aqua Pen is useful as is proper application and restraint from over-usage. 

Also, if not disinfected properly, usage of the Aqua Pen may lead to infection or further blemishes caused by the spread of bacteria. This is why it's absolutely critical to ensure you sanitize your Aqua Pen as stated in the steps above to avoid any gnarly side effects.

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  • Gin Amber

    @Elsa No love. The Aqua Stamp Tips are replacements for our Aqua Stamp, a microneedling stamp. For Aqua Pen, the replacements are called Aqua Pen Cartridges ❤️

  • Elsa Gonzalez

    Can the aqua stamp cartridges used with the aqua pen?

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