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How to Lift Saggy Brows

How to Lift Saggy Brows

If you have droopy eyelids or brows, forget the invasive cosmetic procedures dermatologist or surgeons are suggesting you to do! I’m going to share the exact natural techniques I used to lift my brows naturally!

When I posted my Before and After Photo above on Instagram, everyone went crazy in the comments wanting to know exactly what I did! Most accused me of getting botox or plastic surgery because of the huge difference, but I can perfectly squint/move my face, showing the expression lines. No frozen foreheads here.

I want you to know the truth - Botox often result in drooping brows over time, according to clinical studies. Even I had this issue before when I still used to get Botox 4 years ago. Yet look, my skin is way better than when I relied on quick and toxic fixes.

So by popular request, I’m sharing my secret tips that helped me lifted my eyelids naturally. It's nothing too complex and can be under $100. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how simple yet effective these tips are!

Tip #1 - Setting Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries in relationships and learning to prioritize myself has been hugely impactful. I invested time in self-reflection to identify situations and people that caused more stress than good in my life. This included a difficult breakup with my ex-boyfriend as well as distancing from certain toxic friendships, even though walking away from loved ones hurts. Through personal development work I realized that some people come into our lives to teach us lessons, mostly about ourselves. By setting firm boundaries and pouring my energy into self-care instead, I reduced anxiety and tension which translated to better mental and even skin health.

Tip #2 - Gua Sha and Facial Massages

It's all in the muscle! The frontalis muscle runs over your forehead and is what actually holds up your brow bone, keeping eyelids lifted. As we age, gravity causes drooping. So it’s crucial to focus on lifting exercises for that muscle. Massaging and Gua Sha lifts by directly engaging the frontalis. I incorporate easy self-massage throughout my day - lightly pulling up my hairline while in line, stopped in traffic, walking my dog. Constantly reinforcing that subtle lift trains my muscle memory. Gua sha has a broad surface that grabs more skin at once for an easy DIY mini-facelift.

Tip #3 - Practice the Resting Bitch Face

This one takes commitment, I had to train myself to have “Resting Bitch Face” instead of being so animated. Looking back at my YouTube videos from 5-6 years ago, I was much more expressive, squinting and smiling big. Now I consciously relax my face as much as possible. Letting your face rest in its neutral state prevents etching expression lines over time. Smile when you feel like it of course, but re-set to a stillness.

Tip #4 - Facial Tapes

Frownies® are affordable facial patches that gently adhere to skin to smooth wrinkles overnight by keeping the area still. I’ve used these facial patches for close to a year now with great results! This allows underlying muscles like the frontalis to completely relax which softens lines. In the morning, you peel them off to reveal smoother skin. I focus on precise placement hitting my 11’s, across the forehead and between the brows. Takes practice but works great! I do have an affiliate code with them, just use GIN10 to get 10% off.

Tip #5 - Microcurrent Devices

I’ve recently found the best at-home microcurrent facial toning devices! These deliver gentle electrical stimulation to mimic impulses that make muscles contract. Ziip's Halo is pricier but offers customizable currents and has it's own conductive gel while the more affordable Maysama's Urchin also features red light therapy for collagen building. Either works well! I do gentle glides over my skin, concentrating on upward, lifting motions over my brows and temples. Just 5-10 minutes few times a week acts like an effortless facial workout. However, if it's a little bit over the budget, using a Gua Sha or your fingers with the same motion will help too, but would require additional time and effort.

Tip #6 - Daily Exercises

In numerous studies including longevity scientist Dr. David Sinclair's book, exercise is proven to be anti-aging. It boosts blood flow carrying nourishing oxygen/nutrients to tissues and statistically extends lifespan by up to a decade over sedentary folks. Remarkably, they did a test and found out that those who consume junk foods but work out regularly actually age better than non-exercisers who eat very clean! Anything that gets your heart rate elevated works - even just walking the dog for half an hour daily. I make sure to work out with my trainer in a regular basis.

Tip #7 - Real Individual Needles Dermaroller®

Of everything, microneedling at home with my real dermaroller has made the most difference for skin tightening and brow lifting. It has individual medical grade stainless steel needles inside instead of the cheap metal wheels being sold in the market. Learn more about it HERE. I focus on rolling above my natural brow line and forehead, applying slight pressure and rolling in multiple directions. With this, new collagen builds overtime and naturally tightens the skin. Best to use 0.5mm dermaroller or 0.75 dermaroller and combine together with all the tips I provided. If you want to know how to properly use one at home, save and watch my Beginner's Tutorial below,

Tip #8 - Exosome Injections

On the cutting-edge of anti-aging tech, these highly-concentrated stem cell treatments truly rejuvenate skin and tissues on a cellular level. I've added exosome IV injections to my health routine. These are stem cells, and you can get them from the umbilical cord or your own fat cells—I'll save the details for another blog. I do this every six months, and it costs $3,000 each time. Yes, it's pricey, but has major benefits like helping with pain, autoimmune issues, and cell renewal. They're injected into specific body parts or overall through IV as an anti-aging boost. Even big names like Tony Robbins and other celebrities are into it.

Now, I can already hear the collective gasp from my Instagram fam— "Gin, that's crazy expensive!" But here's my stance: health is wealth. I'm not one to splurge on high-end purses or designer shoes. Nope, my wardrobe comes from the likes of Marshall, TJ Maxx, Saks 5th, and Nordstrom Rack. Why? Because my investment is in health, and that is priceless to me.

However, everyone has their unique priorities, and there's absolutely no judgment here. Only select the tips you find applicable tor you, please don't forget to do your own research too.

If you want a deeper dive into all these tips with demonstrations, watch my newest video below!

Hope you find this blog helpful! I'm simply sharing my experiences in response to your requests; this is my way of contributing to our community. Thank you for reading, till next time my Amber Babies! Please don't forget to subscribe and follow me on YouTubeInstagramFacebook, and TikTok 🥳

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    Hi @Karen! It is best to choose a Gua Sha that is made from high-quality stainless steel which you can check on Amazon. 🤗

  • ingrid Klein

    It was a pleasure meeting you on the plane. You are a sweet woman and beautiful as well. I just wish my daughter could of met you and felt your energy.
    She started a small business making facial products here in Seattle, Name of her company is “Taylored Natural”. Her name is Taylor.
    I wish you the very best in all things. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

  • Karen LaVance

    Where’s the best place to purchase a Gua Sha? Are they all the same?

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