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It's Our Brand Birthday!

It's Our Brand Birthday!

Personal struggles sometimes birth the most profound ideas and strengths. Five years ago, I would have never imagined that Gin Amber Beauty, a brand focused on not only holistic skincare, but mental well-being and prowess, would evolve into what it has today.

The Origins

Years ago, when I discovered the world of cheaply-assembled dermarollers, I found myself thinking where are the high-quality dermarollers and why are they so hard to find? The market was flooded with tools that weren't really in consumer's best benefit. Where was the integrity? And how could I contribute something to consumers looking for authentic, quality microneedles that could actually transform their skin?

From there, I set out to design and manufacture my own professional, medical-grade, stainless steel dermaroller with 192 real individual needles™ – the flagship product of my skincare line. Since then, Gin Amber Beauty has developed a full line of skincare products, all cruelty-free, non-toxic, and free of fragrance and other ingredients that cause long-term side effects down the road.

The Journey

My message is simple: beauty starts from within. How you feel about yourself permeates your waking life in almost every aspect, from how you wake up, to what foods you put into your body, to the way your skin feels and appears.

Skin issues causes more than just visible imperfections. Our skin is with us every second of every day. It's there when we look in the mirror, when we take a shower, when we whisk off to breakfast with friends, when we interact with co-workers, when we go in for that interview, or go on dates and social get-togethers with friends and family.

Imperfections alter the way we express our confidence and express ourselves. My belief is that skin issues truly affect us on a deeper, mental level that can amplify into unhealthy thoughts, lowered self-esteem, depression, decreased levels of motivation, and overall inability to express oneself as they truly are.

Confidence. Health. Beauty. They all go hand in hand. That is what Gin Amber Beauty means to me, that's what its products represent, and that's what I want each and every consumer to experience after using my products. It's more than just a bottle of serum - it's a way of living and a stepping stone to higher altitudes of self-confidence and internal peace.

The Commitment

Being committed to my consumers means addressing their pain points, listening to their struggles, and evolving the Gin Amber Beauty brand to keep up with a constantly shifting skincare and beauty market, all while maintaining high integrity, quality, and operating the brand in such a way so as to reduce our carbon footprint and give back to the Earth.

We strive to remain vegan, cruelty-free, and use recyclable packaging where possible. It's these small changes that make huge impacts and hopefully this inspires other startup skincare brands to do the same: we all have a responsibility to our consumers, but even more so to our environment and surrounding communities and ecosystem.

The Gratitude

Silly as it may seem, we literally bless every order that we ship out to our customers. Why? Gratitude gets you such a long way and Gin Amber Beauty's philosophy revolves around acknowledging gratitude for our consumers, for the opportunities given to us, and our ever-growing community of followers and fans.

On social media, we give back by squashing skincare myths, dishing out beauty tips, and enhancing the user experience so they can be more educated on products, skincare techniques, and what our brand can offer.

I'm incredibly thankful for the following I've amassed in just five short years and being our brand birthday, I want to thank each and every one of you for being you, believing in Gin Amber Beauty, and trusting in our products. I couldn't be more grateful.

The Future

What does the future look like for Gin Amber Beauty? We're continuously searching for ways to improve our culture and that, I believe, is where the real change blooms.

A company's culture has huge effects on the quality of output and products. When strong seeds are planted within the beauty brand, beautiful things blossom.

Gin Amber Beauty will continue to strive for culture so that we can improve our formulas, our services, our shipping, and almost every aspect of our business. If we're not evolving, we're not doing you or anyone navigating the beauty industry a service. And that's our promise we plan on keeping for the indefinite future.

Thank you Amber Babies for tuning into our brand birthday blog post! Feel free to leave us a Happy Birthday comment on our social media on TikTok, YouTube, as well as on IG, @ginamberx! I can't wait to hear from all of you and continue to watch this brand, as well as our fans and followers, evolve, grow, and blossom with wellness and health!

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