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Why Dermaroller Needle Sizes Matter

Why Dermaroller Needle Sizes Matter

Thinking about taking the leap and integrating dermarollers into your everyday skincare routine? Not sure which dermaroller to choose or which needle length to go with? Did you know that each needle length has specific purpose and that selecting either too-small or too-large of a size can make all the difference in seeing results?

For those just starting out with a dermaroller, this a quick, go-to guide for needle lengths. Gin Amber Beauty wants to simplify your microneedling experience and make information easily accessible, so you can spend more time with healthy, radiant skin and less time researching online.

Real Needle vs. Fake Needle Dermarollers

Before we delve into the various needle lengths and their functions, let's take a moment to absorb one piece of solid information you'll want to take with you as you shop around for dermarollers: nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to beat real-needle dermarollers.

I say this because the alternative, fake-needles or dermarollers that use wheels/spokes, are the worst thing that could be rolled onto your face in, well the history of ever.

Are there any pros to a fake needle dermaroller? They're cheap. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. This means that these needle spokes are going to be made from weak, cheap material and metals, with less precision. As these "needles" penetrate your skin they tear rather than puncture. This leads to uneven dermarolling, irritation, bleeding, and even scarring.

Trust in the power of real-needles. Gin Amber Beauty uses 192 individual, medical-grade needles that are sterile, precise, and made of high quality material.

Research before you buy and avoid fake-needle dermarollers at all costs. It's not worth possibly damaging your skin to save a few extra bucks.

0.25mm Dermaroller – Serum Absorption

This dermaroller is designed to be your go-to for gentle micro-needling that improves serum penetration, scar diminishing, cell turnover stimulation, lip plumping, and skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.

Pair the 0.25mm with your favorite serum and watch the magic unfold. With greater serum absorption, the 0.25mm is a useful tool for expediting skincare results and enhancing serum agents and effects.

Purchase your own Gin Amber Beauty 0.25mm dermaroller here and don't forget to check out some of my most coveted body creams and serums.

0.5mm Dermaroller – For Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Fun fact: dermarollers not only boost elastin and collagen levels, but can potentially erase wrinkles and scars in the process.

The 0.50mm dermaroller is recommended for individuals who are familiar with smaller needle size dermarollers and want to address deeper or more stubborn skin concerns. By extending needle depth penetration, cellular action and turnover occurs at a deeper level, improving results and removing some of the deeper blemishes our skin may be experiencing, including persistent wrinkles.

Purchase your own Gin Amber Beauty 0.50mm dermaroller or browse other dermaroller sizes you might be interested in.

0.75mm Dermaroller – For Reducing Acne Scars

Acne scars can put a huge dent in self-esteem and self-image, but I’m here to assure you that the 0.75mm hold the potential key to helping reduce acne scarring.

The 0.75mm dermaroller addresses shallow acne scars and/or distinct hyperpigmentation, loose skin, areas of lost volume, stubborn wrinkles and lines, and improves surface rejuvenation and cellular turnover. And let’s not forget that incredible boost in collagen and elastin.

This size is also an excellent starting point for hair loss prevention and hair growth stimulation, and for use on areas of concern on the body.

Need to know how to properly use the 0.75mm dermaroller? Watch my YouTube video, or purchase your own by visiting my online store.

1.0mm Dermaroller – For Hair Growth

At 1.0mm, this dermaroller needle length will penetrate the papillary layer of the dermis section of your skin. This is where deep acne scars, more advanced skin wrinkles, and volume loss occurs. But did you know this needle length is also maddeningly effective for hair loss?

This dermaroller can be used directly on the scalp, and I go through this in another blog post, where I run down in simplistic terms how to dermaroll your scalp for these amazing hair loss benefits.

For some users, you may want to use numbing cream, as this needle length can cause a bit of stinging and burning, which is considerably mild but may be irritating for some. This is also the longest needle length we recommend using on the face.

Purchase your Gin Amber Beauty 1.0mm Dermaroller here and don’t forget to check out my video on how to properly dermaroll your scalp to battle hair loss.

1.5mm Dermaroller – For Reducing Stretch Marks 

Microneedling has been clinically shown to reduce or soften the appearance of stretch marks. Dermarollers gently open collagen fibers at the surface as they glide over the skin by breaking up the tough, stringy fibers that make up scar tissue.

When it comes to deep scars like stretch marks, a larger needle size is in order. I recommend our new 1.5mm Gin Amber Beauty Body Dermaroller to start.

At 1.5mm, this needle length was developed specifically to treat stretch marks on the body. A 1.5mm can be used anywhere stretch marks occur, including thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. For more sensitive areas, try a dermaroller with a lower depth penetration (0.75mm or 1.0mm).

Lastly, I don’t recommend using a 1.5mm on the face, however, I do advocate it for hair loss and hair growth benefits as well!

The Takeaway

There's a reason for the curious range in length of dermarollers. If you're just getting started, hopefully this blog post shed some light on which dermaroller you should be using.

Real needles are always going to trump fake needles. Period. It's not worth taking the risk and you should have respect for the skin you're in and prioritize its health and well-being over all else. Whether you go with Gin Amber Beauty real-needle dermarollers or another brand, choose real-needles and choose them every time.

Thank you Amber Babies for tuning into yet another blog post! Feel free to leave comments and questions and don't forget to visit me on TikTok, YouTube, and as well as on IG, @ginamberx, where I go over remarkably effective skincare tips, trends, and topics!

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