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If you follow me on Instagram, you saw me walking around Miami recently bundled up in a down jacket and scarf. It was in the 50s in Miami, and that is pretty unusual. That day reminded me of the cold winters we had in Lithuania--the kind of cold that many of you are probably experiencing across the county.

Cold, dry, or windy weather can really take a toll on your skin. We forget to wear sunscreen, and walk in and out of environments with extreme temperature changes. Some of you might participate in winter sports that expose your skin to light reflecting off of snow, the thinner atmosphere of high altitudes, and cold winds. 

Below are a few of my favorite suggestions I gathered from my own experience, as well as from articles by dermatologists and beauty experts.


#1, and what I think is the MOST IMPORTANT skincare tip to remember is: Don't forget to apply your sunscreen. We can be fooled by cold, sunny days, but remember the sun's rays are still reflecting off of surfaces (like ice and snow), and UVA rays are as strong as ever! Wind and rain can remove the natural SPF you get from most foundations, BB or CC creams, or mineral makeup powders. 

#2: This is the perfect time to treat your skin to special services and pampering. It is better to do chemical peels or resurfacing treatments in the winter, because you don't have to worry as much about hyper-pigmentation caused by sun exposure after a procedure.  Set aside some time for pampering at night to apply a emollient, moisture-rich sheet mask. Gin Amber Beauty's new, fragrance-free, Soothing + Smoothing Skin Superfood Sheet Mask is emollient and rejuvenating enough to be used after microneedling, but also tightening, brightening and toning.


#3: Lower your thermostat and try to limit exposure to extreme temperature changes. Central heat is drying to your skin. If you drive a lot, make sure you point your vents away from blowing air directly onto your face. 

#4: HUMIDIFY! If you have a humidifier for your home, great,buy one of the spritzing facial waters or sprays (fragance-free please) and carry that with you. Also, in winter we might forget to hydrate from the inside, don't forget to keep drinking water.

#5: Protect your skin's natural barrier by using a gentle cleanser. If your skin feels tight after you wash, there's a good chance your cleanser is cleaning just a little too harshly. And when you strip away your skin's natural protection, weather extremes can wreak havoc on your skin. Even though our Natural AHA/BHA Cleanser gently exfoliates, you will marvel at how silky your skin feels after use. No tight sensation, no dry spots. Also, remember my suggestion--you really don't need to wash your face more than once a day!

#6: Protect your lips and hands. We tend to lick our lips in harsh weather, and while most everything else is covered, our hands often are not. Be sure to use an emollient lip balm frequently. We are especially prone to eczema in winter months for various reasons. If you use baby wipes or anti-bacterial products on your hands, the fragrances and chemicals can be especially irritating in winter. Keep your hands and lips as moisturized as you keep your face.

#7: Get warm to the very bone with a luxurious bath--and light one of our 100% Natural Hemp Seed candles while you do. Add bath oil to your water to moisturize as you soak. But don't soak for too long! And don't shower in hot water until your skin turns red, these habits can really dry your skin. Avoid soap and opt for fragrance-free, moisture-rich body washes instead. 



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