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Cobra Cleanse Detox


Cleanse the body, strengthen your immunity, and boost longevity with Cobra.

Cobra is a unique, handmade, phytotherapeutic supplement consisting of twelve uniquely selected herbs proven to inhibit pathogenic bacterial and fungal microflora.

I recommend individuals perform this preventive body cleanse at least once every three months as this helps prevent the development of autoimmune and chronic diseases.

Cobra is a 100% organic, all-natural herbal mix with zero risk of contraindications. Developed by my mother, an herbalist, Cobra’s formula has a gentle, natural scent, vastly reduces inflammatory processes, and improves recovery of the digestive tract (gastrointestinal mucosa).

Cobra strengthens the immune system by enriching the body with biologically active substances.

During re-use, Cobra increases stability and resistance to modern diseases and allergies, not to mention a noticeable improvement in the quality and brightness of skin.

Die off symptoms may be common in those with a large number of pathogens in their system. Die off symptoms are triggered by the release of endotoxins into the bloodstream by fungi, yeast, and bacteria when they are destroyed during a cleanse. Since our bodies respond to this influx of endotoxins by triggering an acute immune response in the form of inflammation, it’s best to slow down the intake of this supplement if these symptoms occur. Ensure you are hydrating properly, avoid heavy foods during the cleanse, and it is recommended to take activated charcoal in the mornings in order to inhibit die off symptoms. Enemas and colonics may maximize the benefits of this cleanse, but they are not necessary.

It is strongly recommended to use this cleanse during the full-moon period.


DAYS 1-4: 1 pill a day before bed.
DAYS 5-12:  2 pills a day, the first during lunchtime, the second before bed.

Warning. The dietary supplement is NOT medicine; however, it is necessary to take strictly as indicated to reduce the risk of die off symptoms.

INGREDIENTS: Aspen bark, panacetum vulgare, pumpkin seeds, cloves, cornflower, thyme, eucalyptus leaves, black cumin, wormwood, inula helenium, cantaurium erythraea, pomegranade peel.