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Best Dermaroller on the Market? I Compare 3 Brands for the Final Test

Best Dermaroller on the Market? I Compare 3 Brands for the Final Test

Hello my Gin Amber babies and today I’ll be discussing my comparison of three brands of dermarollers, the first being from Amazon, the second a well-known (anonymous) brand, and the third and final being Gin Amber Beauty’s very own dermaroller. With the help of some heavy-duty tools and a bit of strength, I was able to perform something of an ‘autopsy’ and take a look under the hood of all three dermarollers and find out what sets them apart.

Gin Amber Beauty Dermaroller (0.5mm)

Now at first glance, all of these dermarollers look nearly identical, but once we crack them open we’re in for a treat. So, the first dermaroller I decided to disassemble was my very own Gin Amber Beauty dermaroller and after some prying, prodding, and hammering, I was able to split the needle roller head clean in half so we could zoom in for a closer look. Now the main difference we notice between the Gin Amber Beauty dermaroller and others is that there are real individual needles inside the housing. What’s so special about this? Well let’s take a look at the other two brands before we dive into that.

Amazon Dermaroller (1.5mm)

This one was fairly easier to crack open and once we did, we notice a unique feature that makes up this and other dermaroller heads on the market: a series of metal “wheels” containing sharp, needle-like points that protrude along their edges. As we see in the video (and if you haven’t checked out the YouTube comparison vid yet, what’re you waiting for?), the needle points from this wheel are easily damaged, bent, and rendered useless from the lack of good quality material. When we look at Gin Amber Beauty’s needles however, we see the needle points were hardly damaged even from the pounding and brunt impact of my hammer.

Well-Known Brand Dermaroller (0.5mm)

Last but certainly not least is a dermaroller from a well-known brand which I won’t disclose because I like to stay out of trouble. Yet when we crack this bad boy open we find it’s the same story; another series of metal wheels containing fake “needles” which I feel obligated to remind you all, is not particularly healthy for the skin, especially sensitive skin such as that of the face (i.e. cheeks, under-eyes, lips, etc).


Why did I create this comparison video and complimentary blog? For starters, I wanted to hush the naysayers that claimed my dermaroller is the exact same as those found on Amazon, and at a cheaper price. This careful review puts an end to misinformation with video proof of the distinguishable differences between my dermaroller and others available on the market [insert winky face here].

Secondly, it’s about quality and results. Gin Amber Beauty uses only medical-grade needles in the assembly of its dermarollers, which means higher durability, longer-lasting products, and even better results. We also need to remind ourselves that we’re essentially creating microscopic puncture wounds in the face as we dermaroll in our pursuit of beauty and wellness, and we want only the highest-grade products performing such an important task. 

And finally, metal wheels with low-quality needle points are not ideal for the face, nor should they really be circulated on the market and being sold to eager customers, though this is something I can’t do much about. What I can do, however, is keep my subscribers, viewers, and readers aware and informed of some of the false marketing out there. As we saw pretty plainly, although some dermaroller brands claim to have “192-real needles”, we find that this isn’t the case. Do your research and remember to always be safe. And for those that wanted a quick detour to the YouTube version of this review, click the link below:

I Compare 3 Dermaroller Brands - What's the Final Say?

Again, thank you my Amber Babies for tuning into another blog post and thank you for all the additional subscribers and viewers, love and support! If you were searching for the best dermaroller on the market today, I think we covered that here; but if you’re still undecided, be sure to check out my website and browse to your heart’s content for a full spread of my high-quality products.  Be well and take this opportunity to treat and pamper your skin. Until next time!

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