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Not Seeing Dermaroller Results? Try These Tips

Not Seeing Dermaroller Results? Try These Tips

So, you've been using your dermaroller for a couple months now, you've been following a diligent schedule, perhaps you're even logging your progress and utilizing all the right aftercare products. There's only one tiny problem. You're not seeing any results.

There's good news. And that good news is, everyone's different. I get asked questions all the time about my dermarollers, including how to properly roll, how long until results will be seen, etc. So, let me run through some of these popular Q&A's with you here and hopefully this can provide some more insight into how you can maximize results with your dermaroller practices.

Why Am I Not Seeing Results?

So, here's an interesting bit of anecdotal evidence on my end. I have one female client who used a dermaroller for hair growth just once. Once. And she received incredible hair regrowth results. On the other hand, I know a male client who was using his dermaroller for hair growth and didn't see visible results until the six month mark.

Let's try another example to explain why this is. Let's say you have two identical twins who look the same, eat the same foods, exercise and do the same workouts, yet one gets amazingly lean, while the other has excess weight.

Here's the catch: bodies are different. Two identical people will have completely different skin, different metabolisms, different genetics, and even if both used their dermarollers in the exact same way, will receive different skin results.

Not to mention age plays an enormous factor. The older you are, the longer it will take to see results. If you're using your dermaroller for acne and stretch marks, this can take up to three years. Using your dermaroller for scars? The fresher the scar, the faster the results. 

And let's not forget that some people are just plain inconsistent when it comes to dermarolling. They get impatient, they don't see results, and they wind up quitting or using the dermaroller more often than they should. This seriously inhibits progress and results.

So, ask yourself, are you using your dermaroller as you should be? Are you following all instructions and not skipping weeks or 

What Can I Do to Speed Up Results?

Patience here, is key. There are some baseline things you can do to ensure that you're reaping the best benefits from your dermaroller routines, and this includes not investing in cheap dermarollers that may be inhibiting your progress. 

Secondly, make sure that you're following all the protocols and carefully listed aftercare. This includes not going out in the sun after dermarolling your face, not using harsh chemicals, and avoiding touching freshly dermarolled skin so as to avoid introducing bacteria that can potentially lead to infection.

Again, patience here is key. Consistency is the best weapon in your arsenal against skin blemishes, scars, acne, etc. and although you may not be seeing results right away, this doesn't mean that mechanisms underneath the skin's surface aren't changing for the better. Stay true to your dermarolling practices and you'll begin to see the fruits of your labor start to show.

Are There Products I Can Use to Maximize Results?

Again, everyone is different, though I recommend taking advantage of my signature Aqua Stamps as well as my newly received Aqua Pen. Each client will react differently to certain products as well, i.e. Vitamin C cream may work much faster for one individual than another, so experiment with different skincare serums and creams and be sure to always read the care and usage instructions. Also, check out my Youtube Channel, where I go through a plethora of products and dermarollers for comparisons, recommendations, and overall skincare tips and advice that can seriously boost your skin's health and appearance and get you feeling younger, more confident, and practically glowing!

Thank you Amber Babies and let me know if you have any burning questions or thoughts in the comments below! 




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