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Using Dermarollers for Acne Scarring

Using Dermarollers for Acne Scarring

Acne is a skin condition which has become a household name and nuisance by now. Acne always has a way of showing up at the most inconvenient times in life, too, and it can strike us at any age. Severe forms of acne can leave significant scarring, even after taking proper measures to get rid of it. If you have acne scars, dermarolling can help.

Gin Amber Beauty specializes in helping people traverse even the most difficult and lasting skin problems, of which acne scars are likely elusive. Do not worry. Read on for a new way to confront acne scars and skin blemishes.


Acne is the skin condition which causes pimples, blemishes, blackheads, and whiteheads to appear on the skin's surface, most often on the face, back, and shoulders.

Bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells become trapped in your pores, clogging your hair follicles, making them bulge and form a whitehead. If the clogging occurs deeper, it can lead to blackheads. Bacterial infection is what leads to pustules, papules, nodules, and cysts (1).

Infected follicles can lead to acne scarring, and not all acne scars are created equal. When acne pores swell, their walls break down. Sometimes it’s scars can be shallow and heal quickly. In other instances, infection can spill into surrounding issues, creating deeper scars. Cysts are the most likely to cause scars, as they are the most serious type of acne. Papules, pustules, and nodules can also lead to scarring. The skin attempts to repair the situation by forming clumps of collagen, but not always in an aesthetically-pleasing way.

Acne scars are either hypertrophic or keloid, or atrophic or depressed, which end up looking like little pits/holes.

Make sure that you do NOT dermaroll hypertrophic keloid scars. In contrast, dermarolling atrophic scars can make vast improvements for your skin. Dermarollers are a scientifically-proven tool which incorporates microneedling, which is a most effective tool/technique for reducing atrophic acne scars -- especially more so than simple over-the-counter skincare products (2).

Results are best when an individual combines skin needling with effective supplemental product use.     

How does microneedling acne scars work? Micro-needles break down the uneven collagen clumps that the skin has made to fix the situation. At the same time, the needles also stimulate new collagen. This collagen firms the skin, making it plumper and nicer-looking and the scarring less obvious


To treat acne scars, you can use dermarollers from 0.5mm to 1mm. Smaller derma rollers than 0.5mm are not going to provide much collagen stimulation, unfortunately. 0.5mm dermarollers can be used once a week. For beginners, it is recommended to start with 0.5mm dermarollers.

As you progress in your skincare routine, you can also use a 0.75mm dermaroller -- but only use it once every three weeks. Dermarollers 0.75mm in size will have a more obvious effect than 0.5mm dermarollers and can treat shallow acne scars well. 

If you have deep acne scars and some dermarolling experience, you can safely use 1mm derma rollers. The procedure will result in some amount of discomfort -- in which cases numbing creams can be beneficial. Do not use these types of dermarollers more than once a month. 1mm is the largest size that you should use on your face.

How Do I Dermaroll Acne Scars?

How you use your dermaroller is extremely important in order to make sure you get the best results with Gin Amber Beauty products. Slide diagonally and vertically with your dermaroller. Your dermaroller should always be clean -- beginners can do 5-6 times rolling in a specific spot.

For more information, check out this Gin Amber Beauty video playlist for answers to all your dermarolling questions and for advanced techniques.

Supplemental Gin Amber Beauty Products Include:

Hyaluronic acids. These acids bind water and moisturize, reaching deep levels of your skin. The skin becomes softer and plumper. Hyaluronic acid is also gentle and will not burn your skin.

Gin Amber utilizes plant-based hyaluronic acid. We are against using ascorbic acid due to the fact that it's a powerful skin irritant that is counterproductive to an effective skincare protocol.

Vitamin C. Many people do not recommend using Vitamin C serums after dermarolling because it has active ingredients and stings. But it stimulates collagen production, so an improved absorption could really benefit your skin: if you don’t mind a little sting. You could also wait for a while, like several hours or a day.

Vitamin C comes in many forms -- most of which contain ascorbic acid. The Vitamin C we use is bioavailable, and much more beneficial to your skin -- no drying, no burning.


SPF sunscreens: We do not recommend using sunscreen on the same day that you dermaroll. Please only dermaroll at night so you can best avoid sun exposure. Try to avoid sun as best as you can for 48 hours.

Your skin will be affected by the sun a lot more than usual, so, after the initial 48 hour timeframe, you should wear sunscreen when going out to the daylight after dermarolling. We recommend wearing a hat with good coverage and sunglasses. Gin Amber Beauty also recommends using all natural mineral sunscreen, which will help facilitate your skincare process in a major way.

Visit Gin Amber Beauty for any lingering questions about dermarolling and dermarolling aftercare.

You can also watch this video for most common dermarolling mistakes so you can avoid any skincare problems down the road.

Additional dermarolling tips include:

  • Never dermaroll if your'e experiencing active acne. Dermarolling an active blemish or pimple can spread infections and do more harm to the skin than good.
  • Use your dermaroller at night, so your skin has more time to rest before your skin gets exposed to UV rays during the day.
  • Avoid microneedling too much and too often.

Gin Amber Beauty is Here For You

Dermarolling is extremely effective for the treatment of acne scars but must be done with diligence and precision.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know in the comments section. Contact Gin Amber Beauty today to start taking a more natural approach to your skincare and beauty routine.



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